Yamaha made several significant changes to its Niken GT and improvements to the model.

Here’s a summary of the key updates:

  • Engine: Modifying the stroke has increased the engine displacement from 845cc to 888cc. The 3-cylinder engine has also been made easier to handle by increasing the crank mass, resulting in an 8% increase in the moment of inertia.

  • Frame and Suspension: The model features a newly designed steel and aluminium hybrid frame. The suspension settings have been reviewed to enhance the overall handling of the motorcycle.
  • Design: The Niken GT is available in a new Yamaha Black colour.

  • Electronic Features: Electronic systems have seen advancements. The bike now incorporates a quick shifter that supports downshifting, various electronic controls, and a 7-inch high-brightness TFT meter. The TFT meter can be connected to a smartphone for navigation functions. Cruise control and the D-MODE (driving mode switching system) have been retained.

More Updates

  • Comfort and Convenience: The Niken GT offers several comfort-focused features, including a movable screen that can be adjusted in height by 70 mm, a new seat with improved foot grounding, and a stay for mounting the genuine accessory side case.

  • Smartphone Connectivity: Bluetooth connects the smartphone and the TFT meter. By installing the dedicated app “MyRide – Link,” riders can access functions such as receiving calls and emails, checking weather conditions, and playing music. Additionally, riders can use the navigation function on the meter screen by installing the “Garmin MotorizeTM” software (paid), developed jointly by Yamaha and GARMIN.

  • Price and Availability: The Yamaha Niken GT’s price is 2,200,000 yen ($15,483). Reservations started on July 7, and interested customers can contact NIKEN dealers nationwide. The initial domestic sales plan aims to sell 100 units annually.


Pros of the Yamaha Niken GT:

  • Unique Three-Wheeled Design: The Niken GT stands out with its innovative and eye-catching three-wheeled configuration, providing enhanced stability and cornering capabilities compared to traditional motorcycles.

  • Improved Engine Performance: The increased engine displacement and modifications to the crank mass make the 888cc three-cylinder engine more powerful and easier to handle, resulting in improved overall performance.

  • Enhanced Handling and Suspension: The reviewed suspension settings and frame design contribute to better handling and manoeuvrability, allowing for a smoother and more enjoyable ride.

  • Advanced Electronic Features: Including a quick shifter, electronic controls, and a high-brightness TFT meter with smartphone connectivity brings convenience and modern technology to the riding experience. Features like cruise control and D-MODE offer additional customization options.

  • Comfort-Oriented Features: The Niken GT prioritizes rider comfort with a movable screen for adjustable height, a new seat design for improved foot grounding, and compatibility with genuine accessory side cases, allowing for convenient storage.

  • Smartphone Integration: The Bluetooth connectivity and dedicated app “MyRide – Link” enable riders to access various smartphone functions, such as incoming calls, emails, weather updates, and music playback. The option to install the “Garmin MotorizeTM” software for navigation further enhances the convenience.

right side

Cons of the Yamaha Niken GT:

  • Limited Availability: Currently, the annual domestic sales plan for the Niken GT is set at 100 units, indicating limited availability. It might be challenging for some potential buyers to find one or have a chance to test-ride it.

  • Cost: With a price of 2,200,000 yen, the Niken GT falls into the higher price range for motorcycles. This might make it less accessible for riders on a budget or those seeking more affordable options.

  • Handling Differences: While the unique three-wheeled design provides advantages in stability and cornering, it also introduces a different handling experience compared to traditional motorcycles. Riders accustomed to two-wheeled bikes may require some adjustment to exploit the benefits of the Niken GT’s design fully.

  • Potential Maintenance Complexity: The additional components and technology integrated into the Niken GT, such as the three-wheel system and electronic features, may introduce added complexity to maintenance and repair processes. This could potentially lead to higher maintenance costs or a need for specialized expertise.

  • Styling Preference: The unconventional three-wheel design may not appeal to all riders in terms of aesthetics. Personal preference for traditional two-wheeled motorcycles may influence the decision-making process.

The left side

New Niken GT Specs

Approved model/engine-stamped model8BL-RN84J/N721E
Overall length/Width/Height2,150mm/875mm/1,395mm
seat height825mm
Center distance1,510mm
ground clearance150mm
vehicle weight270kg
Fuel consumption rate*1Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism report value
constant fuel consumption value *2
24.5km/L (60km/h) with 2 passengers
WMTC mode value *318.4km/L (Class 3, Subclass 3-2) with 1 passenger
Prime mover typeWater-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valve
cylinder number arrayin-line, 3-cylinder
Total displacement888cm3 _
Inner Diameter x Stroke78.0mm×62.0mm
compression ratio11.5:1
Maximum output85kW (116PS)/10,000r/min
Maximum torque91N・m (9.3kgf・m)/7,000r/min
Starting methodself-service
Lubrication methodwet sump
engine oil capacity3.60L
fuel tank capacity18L (designated unleaded premium gasoline)
Intake/fuel system/fuel supply systemfuel injection
Ignition methodTCI (transistor type)
Battery capacity/model12V, 8.6Ah (10HR)/YTZ10S
Primary reduction ratio/Secondary reduction ratio 
Clutch typewet, multi-plate
Transmission/transmission systemConstant mesh 6-speed/Return type
gear ratio1st gear: 2.571 2nd gear: 1.947 3rd gear: 1.619 4th gear: 1.380 5th gear: 1.190 6th gear: 1.037
frame formatdiamond
Tire size (front/rear)120/70R15M/C (56V) (tubeless) / 190/55R17M/C (75V) (tubeless)
Braking device type (front/rear)Hydraulic disc brake/hydraulic single disc brake
Suspension method (front/rear)Telescopic/swing arm (link type)
Headlamp bulb type/headlampLED
Boarding capacity2 people


Yamaha Niken GT offers a unique and innovative three-wheeled design that differentiates it from traditional motorcycles.

With its increased engine displacement, improved handling, and advanced electronic features, it aims to provide an enhanced riding experience for motorcycle enthusiasts. The inclusion of comfort-oriented features and smartphone connectivity further add to its appeal.

diagonally forward left

However, it’s important to consider the Niken GT’s limited availability and its higher price range, which may make it less accessible for some riders. Additionally, the handling differences compared to traditional motorcycles and potential maintenance complexity should be taken into account.

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