2024 Lexus IS

2024 Lexus IS

The 2024 Lexus IS lineup enters its tenth year in the US market, offering a familiar yet refined package for luxury sedan enthusiasts. While this iteration of the IS has received some visual upgrades, it largely carries over from the previous year with no major changes under the hood.

In this overview, we’ll delve into the key features and updates for the 2024 Lexus IS, from the base IS 300 to the range-topping IS 500, and explore the pricing adjustments that reflect the evolving automotive landscape.

Here’s a summary of the key points for the 2024 Lexus IS models:

  • No Major Changes: The 2024 Lexus IS remains largely unchanged compared to the previous model year, marking its tenth year in the US market in its current form.
  • Visual Upgrades: While there are no major changes, there are some visual upgrades across the lineup to enhance the appearance of the sedan.
  • Base IS 300: The base IS 300 is now available in an F Sport Design grade, which includes exterior enhancements such as 19-inch wheels and special badges. The IS 300 is offered with a choice of a 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder engine in RWD or a 3.5-liter V6 in AWD.
  • IS 300 F Sport: The IS 300 F Sport model includes the same visual upgrades as the F Sport Design grade and adds features like heated and ventilated front seats, aluminium pedals, and an F Sport heated steering wheel.
  • IS 350: The IS 350 offers a more powerful version of the V6 engine, delivering 311 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque, compared to the IS 300’s 260 hp and 236 lb-ft. New for 2024 is a Blackout Package option for the IS 350 F Sport.
  • IS 500: The IS 500 remains the top-of-the-line model in the 2024 IS family, equipped with a 5.0-liter V8 engine producing 472 hp and 395 lb-ft of torque. The new model year brings standard black side mirrors and an Incognito paint colour option. A Special Appearance Package is available for the IS 500 F Sport Performance Premium.
  • Price Increase: All 2024 Lexus IS models are more expensive than their 2023 counterparts. The base model starts at $41,235 with destination and handling fees included, with price increases across the range.

Here is a summary of the starting prices for the 2024 Lexus IS models:

IS 300$41,235
IS 300 AWD$43,235
IS 300 F Sport Design$43,055
IS 300 F Sport Design AWD$45,095
IS 300 F Sport$44,905
IS 300 F Sport AWD$46,345
IS 350 F Sport Design$44,410
IS 350 F Sport Design AWD$46,410
IS 350 F Sport$45,660
IS 350 F Sport AWD$47,660
IS 500 F Sport$60,020
IS 500 F Sport Premium$64,520

These prices include destination and handling fees and represent an increase compared to the 2023 models.


Pros of the 2024 Lexus IS:

  • Quality and Reliability: Lexus is known for its excellent build quality and reliability, and the 2024 IS is likely to continue this tradition, ensuring peace of mind for owners.
  • Comfortable Interior: Lexus typically offers a comfortable and well-appointed interior with high-quality materials, providing a luxurious driving experience.
  • Choice of Engines: The IS lineup provides a choice of engines to suit different preferences, from the efficient turbocharged four-cylinder to the powerful V6 and V8 options.
  • Optional AWD: For those in regions with inclement weather, the availability of all-wheel drive (AWD) enhances traction and stability.
  • Resale Value: Lexus vehicles tend to hold their value well over time, which can be a significant advantage for resale or trade-in.

Cons of the 2024 Lexus IS:

  • Limited Changes: The 2024 Lexus IS doesn’t introduce significant changes over the previous year, potentially making it less appealing to buyers looking for the latest innovations.
  • Price Increase: The price increase for the 2024 models may deter some budget-conscious buyers, as the IS becomes more expensive across the lineup.
  • Fuel Efficiency: While the IS offers a range of engines, it may not be the most fuel-efficient option in its class, particularly the V6 and V8 models.
  • Technology: Some competitors offer more advanced infotainment and driver-assistance features, and the IS may lag behind in terms of cutting-edge tech.
  • Limited Cargo Space: Like many luxury sedans, the IS may have limited cargo space compared to SUVs or hatchbacks, which could be a drawback for those needing extra storage capacity.


As the 2024 Lexus IS maintains its reputation for combining luxury and performance, it does so with subtle yet noteworthy enhancements. While enthusiasts may crave groundbreaking updates, the IS’s enduring appeal lies in its consistent delivery of refinement and power.

With a higher price point for the 2024 models, Lexus aims to continue delivering an exceptional driving experience and timeless design to those who appreciate the art of the sedan. Whether you opt for the IS 300, IS 350, or the exhilarating IS 500, the 2024 Lexus IS lineup reaffirms its position as a contender in the competitive luxury sedan segment.


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