The Mercedes-AMG One is truly an engineering marvel, and the fact that they have managed to incorporate an actual F1 engine into a road car is a testament to Mercedes-AMG’s engineering prowess and dedication to pushing the boundaries.

Mercedes-Benz AMG

It’s not surprising that Lewis Hamilton, with his intimate familiarity with F1 cars, found the One reminiscent of the high-performance machines he drives on race days.


Here are a few points that could be highlighted from your overview:

  1. Mercedes-AMG One’s Power: The incorporation of a real F1 engine from Hamilton’s championship-winning 2015 race car, coupled with its sophisticated powertrain that’s even more advanced than the F1 car’s, makes the One a standout in the hypercar segment. The all-wheel drive, combined output of 1,049 hp, and the extensive use of motor-generators make this car a testament to engineering expertise.

Formula 1

  1. Lewis Hamilton’s Involvement: Hamilton wasn’t just a tester for this car; he had been involved with its development from early stages. From assisting with the development of the internal combustion component to driving prototypes and unveiling the original concept. Hamilton has had a deep connection with the One. His desire to potentially create a special “LH” edition of the One also speaks to his passion and vision for the car.

  2. Personal Acquisitions: It’s always interesting to know if racing drivers, who have access to some of the fastest machines on the planet, opt to own such hypercars. While neither Hamilton nor Russell have announced their personal acquisitions. The fact that Valtteri Bottas has taken delivery of the One shows the car’s appeal even among those who drive at the pinnacle of motorsport.



It’ll be interesting to see if Hamilton or Russell do reveal owning their own Ones in the future, especially given their firsthand experience and feedback on the car. Such insights not only provide valuable information for the development team but also add a layer of authenticity and endorsement for prospective buyers and enthusiasts.



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