Excitement builds in the electric vehicle world as Xpeng, a leading Chinese EV manufacturer, gears up to launch its first Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV), the X9.

Key Points 

  • Xpeng is warming up its first MPV model, the X9, which is expected to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2023.
  • The X9 is a seven-seat all-electric MPV that targets young people.
  • Xpeng has not announced a specific price for the X9, but it has said that it will be priced competitively.
  • The X9 will face competition from the Li Mega, which is also an electric MPV that is expected to be priced higher.
  • The MPV market in China is still relatively small, but it is growing rapidly.
  • Xpeng is hoping to capitalize on the growth of the MPV market with the X9.

Just recently, Xpeng teased its fans by posting camouflage-wrapped images of the X9 on Weibo, revealing a glimpse of its sleek exterior design. The unique rear design sets it apart, giving it a distinct edge in the market.


A notable point that Xpeng has highlighted is its focus on young consumers for this 7-seat all-electric MPV. They believe that the younger generation holds a potential interest in MPVs, and they plan to explain this strategy further by year-end.


However, Xpeng isn’t the only player making waves in the MPV space. Li Auto has announced its plans to roll out the Li Mega MPV in December. This launch marks Li Auto’s debut in the battery-electric vehicle segment. Furthermore, they’ve set ambitious goals, aiming for the Li Mega to top the sales charts with its 500,000 yuan ($68,090) price point.

Electric Vehicle

Meanwhile, SUVs and sedans still dominate car sales in China. MPVs, often used for business, have secured only 5% of the market share between January and July. Despite this, both Xpeng and Li Auto see a potential niche and are keen to tap into it.

On the other hand, Nio, another major player in the EV space, has not expressed immediate plans to dive into the MPV market. While they have contemplated launching an MPV in the future, they currently don’t prioritize it.

Some pros and cons of the Xpeng X9:


  • Competitive price
  • Targeting young people
  • Crossover-inspired rear end
  • Expected to be spacious and comfortable
  • Expected to have long-range
  • Advanced driver-assistance features


  • No specific details have been released yet
  • Not yet available for purchase
  • May face competition from other electric MPVs, such as the Li Mega


With these developments, it’s clear that the EV landscape in China remains dynamic and ever-evolving. As manufacturers like Xpeng and Li Auto innovate and explore new segments, it’ll be interesting to see how the market responds.




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