The Ford Mustang GT3 has been unveiled at Le Mans, ahead of its competition in the famous 24-hour race in 2024. The car is based on the 2024 Mustang Dark Horse and features several modifications, including a more aggressive body kit, a 5.4-litre V8 engine, and a bespoke short-long arm suspension. The Mustang GT3 will be built and supported by Multimatic, which made the Ford GT that won Le Mans in 2016.

The Mustang GT3 is the latest in a line of Ford performance cars designed to compete at the highest level of motorsport. The company has a long history of success at Le Mans, winning the race four times in the 1960s. The Mustang GT3 is Ford’s first entry in the GT3 class since 2015, and it will be one of several new cars to compete in the class in 2024.




The Mustang GT3 will be eligible to compete in several major racing series, including the World Endurance Championship and the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship. The car will also be available to customer teams and could be raced by various drivers.

The unveiling of the Mustang GT3 is a significant moment for Ford’s Performance. 

The car shows the company’s commitment to motorsport and desire to compete at the highest level. The Mustang GT3 is sure to be a popular car among racing fans, and it could help Ford to return to the top of the podium at Le Mans.

Here are some additional details about each of the pros and cons:

  • Powerful 5.4-litre V8 engine: The Mustang GT3 is powered by a 5.4-litre V8 engine that produces over 500 horsepower. This engine gives the car plenty of power to compete at the highest level of motorsport.
  • Advanced aerodynamics: The Mustang GT3 features several advanced aerodynamic features, including a large front splitter, a rear wing, and a diffuser. These features help to keep the car stable at high speeds and provide downforce for better handling.
  • Bespoke suspension: The Mustang GT3 has a custom suspension explicitly designed for racing. This suspension gives the car excellent handling and control.
  • Built and supported by Multimatic: The Mustang GT3 is built and supported by Multimatic, a company with a long history of building successful race cars. This means that the Mustang GT3 is a reliable and well-performing car.
  • Eligible to compete in major racing series: The Mustang GT3 is eligible to compete in major racing series, such as the World Endurance Championship and the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship. This means that the car has the potential to win major races and championships.
  • Available to customer teams: The Mustang GT3 is available to customers, which means various drivers could race it. This could increase the car’s popularity and make it more competitive.

Despite its many advantages, the Mustang GT3 also has some disadvantages. These include:

  • Complex to maintain: The Mustang GT3 is a complex car that requires regular maintenance and repairs. This can be expensive and time-consuming.
  • Not street legal: The Mustang GT3 is not street legal. It can only be driven on a racetrack or other closed course.
  • Not suitable for everyday driving: The Mustang GT3 could be better. It is a race car that is designed for performance and competition. It is not comfortable or practical for everyday use.


Overall, the Ford Mustang GT3 is a powerful and capable race car that will surely be a popular choice among racing teams. However, it is also an expensive and complex car unsuitable for everyday driving.


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