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Key points of the Camp365 T Model:

  • Bed-mounted camping cabin designed specifically for EV pickups
  • Lightweight (700-800 pounds) and foldable for improved energy consumption and maximized space
  • Comfortably sleeps up to four adults (or five with kids) and twelve people if they’re standing
  • Comes with a variety of amenities, including an induction cooktop, a folding table, a sink, a shower, a portable toilet, and freshwater storage
  • Has 63 square feet of floor space and nearly seven feet of headroom in camping mode
  • Can be stowed in a garage with at least four feet of width
  • Will begin production in the Summer of 2024, with reservations starting at $100 and an expected retail price of $25,000


Electric vehicles (EVs) are revolutionizing the automotive industry, and their influence is extending beyond city streets and highways. The rise of electric pickup trucks, such as Rivian’s electric trucks and the highly anticipated Tesla Cybertruck, has sparked a new wave of excitement among outdoor enthusiasts. Camp365 is seizing this opportunity with its innovative creation: the T Model, a bed-mounted camping cabin tailored specifically for EV pickups.

Versatile Compatibility:
The T Model is engineered to fit seamlessly into the beds of 1/2-ton, 3/4-ton, and 1-ton truck models. This adaptability ensures that a wide range of electric pickup truck owners can experience the joys of mobile camping without compromise.

Efficient and Lightweight Design:
Weighing in at a mere 700 to 800 pounds, the T Model sets a new standard for lightweight truck campers. This thoughtful construction not only complements the energy-efficient nature of electric vehicles but also enhances overall performance.


Innovative Foldable Design:

The cabin’s foldable design not only contributes to energy conservation but also maximizes interior space. This clever approach allows for easy storage when the cabin is not in use, ensuring that it remains a convenient addition to any adventure.

Comfort and Capacity:
The T Model offers versatile sleeping arrangements, accommodating up to four adults comfortably, or even five with children. Additionally, it can host up to twelve individuals when standing, making it ideal for gatherings and group trips. The options include a folding queen bed, a twin bed, or a bunk setup, catering to various camping preferences.

Convenient Amenities:
Inside the cabin, campers are treated to a suite of amenities, including an induction cooktop, a folding table, a sink, a shower, and a portable toilet. These essential facilities ensure a comfortable camping experience in the great outdoors.

Water Storage Choices:
Users can choose between a generous 24-gallon fresh water storage capacity or a combination of 12 gallons for fresh water and 12 gallons for grey water, adapting to specific camping needs.

Spacious Dimensions:

With dimensions measuring nine feet by seven feet in camping mode and providing 63 square feet of floor space, along with nearly seven feet of headroom, the T Model offers ample room to relax and enjoy the camping experience. In travel mode, it becomes a compact 48 inches wide, 87 inches long, and 79 inches high, making it easy to transport.

Ample Storage Options:
Storage is a key feature of the T Model, with 75-inch-long dry storage spaces between both folding walls, along with storage racks and toy racks capable of holding up to four bicycles.

Availability and Pricing:
Production of the Camp365 Model T is scheduled to commence in the summer of 2024, with reservations starting at just $100. The anticipated retail price for this remarkable EV pickup truck camping cabin is $25,000, making it an attractive and accessible option for outdoor enthusiasts.

Pros of the Camp365 T Model:

  • Lightweight and foldable for improved energy consumption and maximized space
  • Comfortable sleeping and living accommodations for up to four adults (or five with kids)
  • Comes with a variety of amenities, including an induction cooktop, a folding table, a sink, a shower, a portable toilet, and fresh water storage
  • Affordable price tag
  • Will be compatible with a wide range of EV pickup trucks

Cons of the Camp365 T Model:

  • Not yet available for purchase
  • Some amenities may be optional and require additional cost
  • Overall durability and reliability may be unknown until after it has been on the market for some time


The Camp365 Model T is poised to change the game for camping with electric pickup trucks. Its thoughtful design, compatibility with various truck models, and an array of amenities cater to the needs of modern adventurers. With its efficient use of space and focus on energy conservation, the T Model represents a promising step forward in the world of outdoor exploration. Be sure to visit Camp365’s website for more information and to reserve your very own T Model, the ultimate companion for your electric pickup truck adventures.

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