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The Final Roar

Meet the Bugatti Mistral: where luxury meets legacy, and the open road has never looked so enticing. This isn’t just another car; it’s Bugatti’s bold farewell to the legendary W-16 engine, and it’s doing so in a way that only Bugatti can—with style, speed, and an air of exclusivity that’s hard to match.

Designed as a tribute to the end of an era, the Mistral breathes new life into the Chiron family, making history as its first and only roadster variant. This masterpiece is more than a car; it’s a collector’s dream and a marvel of modern engineering.

Imagine the thrill of the wind in your hair as you command 1,577 horsepower, cruising at speeds that surpass 261 mph. The Mistral isn’t just fast; it’s an auditory and visual spectacle, with a new air-intake system that not only boosts performance but also enhances the engine’s symphonic roar.


And with its meticulously crafted interior—complete with bespoke audio and an artful shifter featuring the iconic “dancing elephant”—every drive is an experience to savor.

As we wave goodbye to the iconic quad-turbocharged 8.0-liter W-16 engine, Bugatti has decided to send it off in style. The Bugatti Chiron, renowned for its breathtaking speed and unparalleled luxury, was originally conceived as a coupe.

However, in a surprising twist to commemorate the end of an era, Bugatti introduced the Mistral at the 2022 Monterey Car Week, marking its first foray into the roadster category for the Chiron family.

The Birth of Bugatti Mistral: A Tribute to Excellence

The Mistral is a testament to Bugatti’s relentless pursuit of perfection. “The Chiron family was never intended to have a roadster model,” revealed Emilio Scervo, CTO of Bugatti Rimac. This makes the Mistral’s existence all the more special, embodying Bugatti’s commitment to pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations.

Engineering Marvel: Reinventing the Chiron

Transforming the Chiron into a roadster was no small feat. The challenge lay in maintaining the structural integrity of the carbon-fiber monocoque frame while eliminating the roof, a crucial component for rigidity.

Bugatti’s engineers rose to the occasion, implementing modifications to ensure the Mistral met the brand’s exacting standards without compromising on performance or safety. This included enhancing the doors for better side-impact protection and introducing a novel air-intake system.

Power and Grace: The Heart of the Mistral

Under the hood, the Mistral houses the same beastly engine found in the Chiron Super Sport 300+ and other special editions, tuned to unleash 1,577 horsepower.

This power, combined with innovative carbon-fiber ram-air scoops positioned behind the headrests, not only supports the car’s weight in a rollover scenario but also amplifies the engine’s roar. The result is a top speed exceeding 261 mph, making the Mistral a worthy bearer of the Bugatti legacy.

Aesthetic and Acoustic Enhancements

Inside, the Mistral is just as impressive. New door panels and a bespoke audio system have been crafted specifically for this model, ensuring an immersive auditory experience. The attention to detail extends to the shifter, carved from a solid block of aluminum and adorned with a miniature “dancing elephant” sculpture—a nod to the artistic legacy of the Bugatti family and a hallmark of the brand’s heritage.

Exclusive and Elusive: The Mistral’s Legacy

With only 99 units produced, all of which have already found owners, the Mistral is as exclusive as it gets. Priced at around $5 million each, it represents the pinnacle of automotive craftsmanship and engineering. As the last road car to be powered by the legendary W-16 engine, the Mistral not only celebrates the past but also paves the way for Bugatti’s next chapter, which includes the production of the limited-edition Bolide track cars.

Conclusion: A Fitting Farewell

The Bugatti Mistral stands as a fitting farewell to the W-16 engine, a marvel that has powered some of the fastest and most luxurious cars in the world. It encapsulates the spirit of innovation and excellence that Bugatti is known for, ensuring that the legacy of the Chiron, and the engine that drove it, will be remembered for years to come.

As the automotive world looks forward to what Bugatti has in store next, the Mistral will forever be a symbol of the brand’s glorious past and its boundless future.

But here’s the catch: with only 99 Mistrals ever made, and each priced at a cool $5 million, exclusivity is the name of the game. These beauties have already been snapped up by the world’s elite, marking a swift and successful sell-out that underscores the Mistral’s allure and the enduring legacy of the Bugatti brand.

So, what’s next for Bugatti? As we bid adieu to the W-16 engine, the Mistral not only celebrates the incredible journey so far but also hints at an electrifying future. The automotive world is on the edge of its seat, waiting to see how Bugatti will top this masterpiece. For those who missed the chance to own a Mistral, stay tuned. Bugatti’s story is far from over, and if history is any indication, the best is yet to come.

Ready to be part of this legacy? Keep your eyes on the horizon and your foot ready for the pedal. Bugatti is driving into the future, and you won’t want to miss what’s coming next. Stay connected, stay inspired, and who knows? The next Bugatti masterpiece could be yours.

FAQ: All About the Bugatti Mistral

Q: What makes the Bugatti Mistral special?
A: The Mistral isn’t just any car—it’s Bugatti’s grand farewell to its iconic W-16 engine, wrapped up in a roadster that’s as fast as it is gorgeous. It’s the first and only open-top version in the Chiron family, making it a unique piece of automotive history.

Q: How fast can the Mistral go?
A: Buckle up! The Mistral can hit speeds of over 261 mph, thanks to its beastly 1,577 horsepower engine. It’s not just fast; it’s Bugatti-fast.

Q: Did they make a lot of Mistrals?
A: Nope, exclusivity is key here. Only 99 Mistrals were made, and every single one has already found a home. At around $5 million a pop, it’s as elite as it gets.

Q: What’s so cool about the Mistral’s design?
A: Where do we start? Aside from its stunning looks, the Mistral features a reengineered carbon-fiber structure for top-notch rigidity without a roof. Plus, those carbon-fiber ram-air scoops aren’t just for show—they enhance the engine sound and can support the car’s weight in a rollover.

Q: Is the Mistral just about speed?
A: Speed is a big part of it, but the Mistral also dazzles with its interior. Think bespoke audio system, new door panels, and a shifter adorned with a miniature “dancing elephant” sculpture. It’s luxury and performance in perfect harmony.

Q: What’s next for Bugatti after the Mistral?
A: The Mistral may be a hard act to follow, but Bugatti is always looking forward. While the Mistral marks the end of the W-16 era, Bugatti’s journey into the future of automotive excellence is just getting started. Stay tuned!

Q: Can I still get my hands on a Mistral?
A: While the initial run of 99 Mistrals is sold out, the world of high-end car collecting is always full of surprises. Keep an eye on auctions and private sales—you never know when a Mistral might pop up.

Ready to Dive Deeper?

Got more questions or itching to find out what’s next for Bugatti? Keep following us for the latest news, updates, and maybe a sneak peek at the next big thing. Bugatti’s story is far from over, and the road ahead looks thrilling.


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