The Eurocrash special of The Grand Tour sounds like another exciting adventure featuring Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. This time, they will embark on a 1,400-mile road trip through Central Europe in a selection of rather unusual cars.

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Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson will drive a 1990 limited-run Japanese Mitsuoka Le-Seyde with retro bodywork based on the Nissan Silvia S13. Richard Hammond’s car of choice is a bright 2003 Chevrolet SSR, equipped with a powerful V8 engine. 


On the other hand, James May will pilot a Crosley Convertible, a 1940s American car that might face some challenges during the journey.


While the cars themselves may raise some eyebrows, the chemistry and dynamic between the three hosts make their adventures captivating. Over their 20+ years of working together, they have developed a unique bond that adds an extra layer of entertainment to their escapades. 

The trio is known for going to extreme lengths to create thrilling sequences, take on challenging road trips, and engage in bizarre and deranged challenges.

Scandi Flick

Their previous special, “A Scandi Flick,” showcased their trademark audacity, including setting fire to an Audi, nearly drowning a Mitsubishi Evo, and navigating a cold war submarine base full of Dutch marines. With their track record, viewers can expect an exciting and unpredictable journey in the Eurocrash special.

The sixth Grand Tour special, Eurocrash, is set to be released on Amazon Prime on Friday, June 16. Fans eagerly anticipate the release and are excited to see what crazy adventures the trio has in store for them this time.

Source: Zigwheels

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