MG-X trike concept-Benjamin-Miller

Yes, gamification is a growing trend, and it’s easy to see why. By using game design principles to engage people in non-game contexts, gamification can motivate and incentivize behaviour in a fun and engaging way. 

Gamification and Metaverse

Fusing the physical and online gaming world is not entirely new, but as technology advances, it becomes more feasible and accessible to a broader audience. One example is the popular mobile game “Pokémon Go,” which uses augmented reality technology to allow players to catch virtual Pokémon in the real world.

In terms of the Metaverse, it’s still a concept that is being developed and explored, but it’s clear that it has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with the online world. 


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By creating a shared virtual space where people can interact and engage with each other, businesses and individuals alike can create new opportunities for socializing, entertainment, and commerce.

Overall, as technology continues to evolve and advance, it’s likely that we will see more and more examples of gamification and the fusion of physical and online worlds. And while the Metaverse is still in its early stages, it’s exciting to think about the possibilities it could bring.

MG-X trike concept-Benjamin-Miller

Innovative idea

The MG-X trike concept is an exciting and innovative idea for urban commuting. Depending on the rider’s needs, switching between a three- and four-wheeled stance provides flexibility and adaptability in different environments. 

It also adds an element of gamification through the app, which could make the riding experience more engaging and interactive.

Combining two MG-X trikes to form the side body of the four-wheeler is also intriguing, as it allows for modular and customizable options for riders. Also, dual mobility options could make the trike more accessible to a broader range of people with varying physical abilities.

MG-X trike concept-Benjamin-Miller


The MG-X trike concept is a forward-thinking and versatile approach to urban commuting. However, it remains to be seen how implementing the app and gamification modes would work in practice and how users would respond to these features.

It can switch between different modes depending on the user’s needs. In the “trike” mode, one of the wheels is removed, making it a three-wheeled vehicle. In the “four-wheeled” mode, the platform can be extended to create a longer configuration, similar to a multi-utility vehicle (MUV), with a two-seater arrangement, one behind the other.

The vehicle can be folded and stored inside a stylish storage unit in its most compact configuration. This means the vehicle can be easily transported and stored when not in use, making it a convenient and practical option for users.

MG-X trike concept-Benjamin-Miller

Shapeshifting elements

MG-X concept incorporates elements of shapeshifting and gamification. The vehicle also has a robust suspension system that suggests it can handle off-road terrain and is optimized for personal commuting.

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MG-X will be widely accepted soon. Adopting new vehicle designs often depends on various factors, including technological advancements, consumer preferences, and regulatory requirements. 

While it’s difficult to predict the future of modular vehicles, it’s apparent innovations in transportation will continue to evolve and shape the way we travel.

Designer: Benjamin Miller

Source: Gizmodo

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