2000 Kawasaki KLR 650-A Diesel HDT Military

The decommissioned USMC diesel-powered motorcycle is a rare HDT M1030M1 model, based on the KLR 650 platform and modified by HDT for military use.

It features a 652cc single-cylinder engine, a 5-speed manual transmission, and a distinct Flat Green paint with a camouflage seat. This motorcycle was utilized in conflict zones like Iraq, Afghanistan, and the GWOT.

Noteworthy attributes include:

  • Manufacturer:  Hayes Diversified Technologies (HDT)
  • Engine:  652cc single-cylinder diesel
  • Transmission:  5-speed manual
  • Colour:  Flat Green with camouflage seat
  • Production:  Only around 214 produced
  • Mileage:  Odometer at 124 miles
  • Fuel: Runs on JP8 diesel, 4.2-gallon capacity
  • Condition:  Recently replaced battery and NOS tail light
  • Decommissioning: Accompanied by SF-97 form for civilian ownership transfer



The decommissioned USMC diesel-powered motorcycle, a remarkable HDT M1030M1 model, stands as a testament to military innovation. Customized from the KLR 650 platform by HDT, this motorcycle’s 652cc single-cylinder engine and 5-speed manual transmission powered its missions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the GWOT.


Distinguished by its Flat Green exterior and camouflage seat, this motorcycle is a rare find, with approximately 214 units ever manufactured. Notably, it boasts a mere 124 miles on its odometer, a reflection of its exclusive usage. Operating on JP8 diesel fuel with a 4.2-gallon capacity, the recent battery replacement and the addition of a new old stock (NOS) tail light contribute to its well-preserved condition.

Diesel-Powered Motorcycle

As part of its transition to civilian ownership, an SF-97 form accompanies its decommissioning, underscoring its journey from military service to collector’s possession. With historical significance and scarcity intertwined, this HDT M1030M1 motorcycle encapsulates a unique chapter in both military and automotive history.

HDT M1030M1

This HDT M1030M1 motorcycle holds historical importance due to its use in military operations and its scarcity as a limited-production model. Its connection to significant events like Iraq and Afghanistan adds to its allure as a collectable piece. If you seek further details, feel free to inquire here.

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