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The New 2024 Honda CRF450RX Rally

The 2024 Honda CRF450RX Rally, developed by RS Moto, represents a significant evolution in rally-inspired motorcycles for enthusiasts. This custom model builds on the already formidable CRF450RX platform, introducing an array of enhancements specifically tailored for rally racing.


Here are the key features of the bike:

  • Fuel capacity: 29 litres (two 9.5 litre front tanks and a 10-litre rear tank)
  • Instrumentation: F2R Road-Book and handlebar control switch
  • Ergonomics: foam grips, oversized reinforced foot pegs, steering damper, revamped suspension settings, carbon fiber underbody
  • Brakes: bigger 300-millimeter rotor
  • Engine: large engine oil cooler, additional oil tank, larger cooling fan, STM clutch housing covers
  • Wheels: Haan Wheels
  • Exhaust: Arrow exhaust designed for rally racing
  • Weight: 139 kilograms without fuel (approximately 168 kilograms with fuel)
  • Availability: currently only available in Europe

Off-Road Performance

Key Features and Upgrades:

  • Fuel Capacity and Management: The bike features two front-mounted 9.5-litre fuel tanks and a 10-litre rear self-supported tank, totalling 29 litres of fuel capacity. This substantial fuel storage, paired with dual fuel pumps, positions the CRF450RX Rally as a machine capable of long-distance, off-grid riding.
  • Instrumentation and Control: A comprehensive instrumentation tower is included, equipped with an F2R Road-Book and handlebar control switch, enhancing navigation capabilities during rally rides.
  • Ergonomics and Stability: Attention to rider comfort and bike stability is evident in features like foam grips, oversized reinforced foot pegs, and a steering damper. These components are designed to mitigate vibration and maintain stability, especially over extended periods of rally riding.
  • Suspension and Protection: The CRF450RX Rally boasts revised suspension settings for the rigours of rallying, supplemented by a carbon fibre underbody for protection. Enhanced braking is achieved through a larger 300mm rotor up front, and STM fork crowns further reinforce front-end rigidity.
  • Cooling and Clutch System: The inclusion of a large engine oil cooler, an additional oil tank, a larger cooling fan, and STM clutch housing covers reflect a focus on maintaining optimal engine temperatures and reducing weight.
  • Wheels and Exhaust: Haan Wheels, known for their strength and lightweight construction, are used, suiting top-level off-road conditions. Additionally, a specialized Arrow exhaust system is tailored for rally racing, optimizing the bike’s performance.
  • Weight Considerations: The bike’s dry weight is approximately 139 kilograms. With a full 29-litre fuel load, the wet weight is around 168 kilograms or 370 pounds, making it a relatively lightweight option considering its capabilities and features.

Advanced Customization

The 2024 Honda CRF450RX Rally, customized by RS Moto, presents a notable advancement in the realm of rally-inspired motorcycles, especially for enthusiasts who demand a high-performance, durable machine. Here’s a key analysis of its features and implications:

  • Increased Fuel Capacity and Management: The addition of two 9.5-litre front tanks and a 10-litre rear tank (totalling 29 litres) is a critical upgrade. This significantly extends the bike’s range, a crucial factor in rally riding where fuel stations are scarce. The dual fuel pumps ensure efficient fuel delivery from multiple tanks, enhancing reliability in long-distance rides.
  • Advanced Instrumentation and Navigation: The comprehensive instrumentation tower with an F2R Road-Book and control switch reflects a focus on navigational efficiency, vital in rally racing where route management is key.
  • Ergonomic Enhancements for Rally Riding: The inclusion of foam grips, oversized reinforced foot pegs, and a steering damper indicates a design tailored for rider comfort and control during prolonged and challenging rides. These features help in reducing rider fatigue, a critical factor in the physically demanding environment of rally racing.
  • Suspension and Protection Upgrades: The revamped suspension settings, carbon fibre underbody, and larger front rotor point to a design that prioritizes handling rough terrains while protecting vital components. STM fork crowns enhance front-end rigidity, improving handling and rider confidence on diverse terrains.
  • Cooling and Weight Reduction Strategies: The additional cooling systems (oil cooler, oil tank, cooling fan) and STM clutch housing covers suggest a focus on maintaining optimal engine performance and reducing weight. This is crucial for maintaining performance and agility, especially in the diverse and often harsh conditions of rally racing.
  • Specialized Wheels and Exhaust System: Choosing Haan Wheels and an Arrow exhaust system underscores a commitment to performance. These components are selected for their ability to handle the rigours of off-road conditions while enhancing the bike’s overall performance.
  • Weight Balance and Implications: The dry weight of 139 kilograms, increasing to around 168 kilograms with fuel, strikes a balance between durability and agility. It’s lightweight enough for manoeuvrability yet sturdy enough for the rugged demands of rally riding.
  • Price Justification: While the price point of around 25,990 euros is high, it reflects the extensive custom work and specialized components that transform the CRF450RX into a rally-focused machine. This bike caters to a niche market of enthusiasts who seek a blend of performance, reliability, and rally-specific features.

Extended Fuel Capacity with Ergonomic Design

The impact of the 2024 Honda CRF450RX Rally, especially one customized by RS Moto, on motorcycle enthusiasts, particularly those interested in rally and off-road riding, is multifaceted:

  • Raising the Bar for Rally Motorcycles: This model sets a new standard in the rally replica segment. Its advanced features and customizations push the boundaries of what enthusiasts can expect from a production-based rally bike. This could inspire other manufacturers to innovate further, benefiting the entire community.
  • Expanding Accessibility to Rally Features: While traditionally, high-end rally features were reserved for professional riders or required significant aftermarket modifications, the CRF450RX Rally offers these features straight from the dealership. This accessibility can attract more riders to the rally segment, expanding the community.
  • Enhancing Long-Distance Off-Road Capabilities: The extended fuel capacity and ergonomic improvements make this bike ideal for long-distance off-road adventures. Enthusiasts who enjoy endurance rides or remote explorations will find this bike particularly appealing, as it reduces the need for frequent refuelling and increases rider comfort.
  • Implications for Riding Skills Development: The advanced features of the CRF450RX Rally, such as its improved suspension, braking, and cooling systems, provide enthusiasts with a tool to hone their riding skills, particularly in challenging off-road conditions. It offers a platform for riders to improve their rally riding techniques in a more controlled and safer environment.
  • Financial Considerations: The high price point of the bike might be a deterrent for some enthusiasts. However, for those who can afford it, the bike offers value for money given its extensive customization and advanced features. It’s an investment in a high-quality, high-performance machine.
  • Community and Brand Loyalty: The introduction of such a specialized bike can strengthen the community around Honda and off-road riding. It fosters brand loyalty, especially among those who appreciate Honda’s commitment to producing high-performance off-road and rally motorcycles.
  • Influence on the Aftermarket Industry: The bike’s introduction may spur growth in the aftermarket sector, as riders seek to customize and modify their machines to match or exceed the standards set by the CRF450RX Rally.
  • Inspiring Future Innovations: The features and customizations of the CRF450RX Rally might inspire future innovations in motorcycle technology and design, not only in rally motorcycles but in other segments as well.

High-Performance with Cooling Efficiency

Here are the pros and cons of the Honda CRF450RX Rally:

Large fuel capacity (29 liters)High price (€25,990)
Full instrumentation tower with F2R Road-Book and handlebar control switchNot beginner-friendly
Ergonomic features for rally riding (foam grips, oversized foot pegs, steering damper, revamped suspension)Limited availability (currently only available in Europe)
Improved brakes with a bigger 300mm rotorHeavy-weight (168 kg with fuel)
Carbon fiber underbody for protectionHigh maintenance requirements
Large engine oil cooler and additional oil tank for improved engine performance
Larger cooling fan for better temperature control
STM clutch housing covers to reduce weight
Haan Wheels for top-level off-road performance
Arrow exhaust designed for rally racing
Lightweight (139 kg without fuel)
Capable and versatile off-road motorcycle

Lightweight and Agile

The 2024 Honda CRF450RX Rally customized by RS Moto can significantly impact motorcycle enthusiasts by setting new standards in rally motorcycle capabilities, expanding the accessibility of high-end features, and influencing future motorcycle designs and industry trends. It’s a testament to the evolving landscape of motorcycle technology and the growing interests of the riding community.

It is a comprehensive package that addresses the needs of serious rally enthusiasts. Its design and upgrades demonstrate a deep understanding of the requirements for a high-performance, reliable, and durable rally motorcycle. The bike represents a significant investment, but for those dedicated to the sport and seeking a top-tier machine, it offers a compelling combination of features and performance enhancements.


Price Point: At 25,990 euros (approximately $27,983), the CRF450RX Rally represents a significant investment. However, the comprehensive upgrades and custom features offered by RS Moto justify this price for enthusiasts seeking a high-performance, rally-inspired motorcycle.

In summary, the 2024 Honda CRF450RX Rally is a noteworthy addition to the growing segment of rally replicas, offering advanced features and modifications that cater to the demands of rally riding. Its combination of enhanced fuel capacity, ergonomic improvements, and performance-oriented upgrades makes it a compelling choice for riders seeking a top-tier, rally-ready machine.


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