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The Rider’s New Best Friend

The Nolan N60-6 Sport helmet combines style, safety, and functionality for the modern rider. Featuring a Lexan polycarbonate shell and a sporty design with a rear spoiler, it offers durability and aerodynamic stability. Equipped with an UltraWide anti-scratch visor, Pinlock anti-fog film, and an innovative Airbooster Technology ventilation system, it ensures clear vision and comfort in various conditions.

The helmet also includes a Clima Comfort antibacterial liner and is designed to accommodate glasses. Meeting ECE R22.06 standards, it’s available in sizes from 2XS to 3XL, making it a versatile choice for sporty street riders.

Introduction to the Nolan N60-6 Sport Helmet

The Nolan N60-6 Sport helmet marks a significant milestone in the world of motorcycle gear, especially for sporty street riders. As an updated version of the Nolan N60-6, this helmet blends style, safety, and functionality, offering riders a premium experience. The Nolan brand, synonymous with quality and innovation in motorcycle helmets, continues its tradition of excellence with the N60-6 Sport.


The Aesthetic Evolution: Sporty Design Meets Functionality

One of the standout features of the Nolan N60-6 Sport is its visually striking design. The helmet introduces a large spoiler at the rear, a design choice that not only enhances its sporty appeal but also potentially contributes to aerodynamic stability. This aesthetic update signifies Nolan’s commitment to blending style with practical functionality, catering to the dynamic needs of modern riders.

Advanced Materials: The Lexan Polycarbonate Shell

The Nolan N60-6 Sport maintains the brand’s use of high-quality materials, prominently featuring the Lexan polycarbonate shell. This material is not just a “fancy way of calling a plastic shell,” but a robust, lightweight solution that offers durability and impact resistance. The choice of Lexan polycarbonate is a testament to Nolan’s dedication to providing reliable head protection without compromising on comfort.

Cutting-Edge Features for Enhanced Riding Experience

UltraWide Anti-Scratch Visor and Pinlock Anti-Fog Film

Vision clarity is crucial for riders, and the Nolan N60-6 Sport addresses this with its UltraWide anti-scratch visor. Coupled with a Pinlock anti-fog film, this feature ensures an unobstructed and clear view in various riding conditions. Whether it’s combating the glare of the sun or tackling foggy mornings, this helmet is equipped to handle diverse environments.

Innovative Airbooster Technology Ventilation System

Riding in warm weather can be challenging, but the N60-6 Sport’s Airbooster Technology ventilation system is designed to keep riders cool and comfortable. The helmet features large air intakes at the front and extractors at the rear, placed strategically under the spoiler. This system fosters efficient air circulation, making long rides in hot conditions more bearable.

Clima Comfort Antibacterial Liner for Hygiene and Comfort

The interior of the Nolan N60-6 Sport helmet is just as impressive as its exterior. The Clima Comfort antibacterial liner, comprising removable cheek pads and crown, ensures a hygienic and comfortable fit. This feature is particularly beneficial for riders who spend extended periods wearing their helmets, providing a fresh and clean environment.

Tailored for Street Riders: Practical Design Elements

Accommodation for Glasses and Anti-Swirl Bib

Nolan understands the diverse needs of riders, and the N60-6 Sport reflects this inclusivity. The helmet’s EPS foam is designed to accommodate glasses, a thoughtful addition for spectacle-wearing riders. Additionally, the anti-swirl bib contributes to the helmet’s overall quietness, a feature that enhances the riding experience by reducing noise.

Micrometric Quick-Release Buckle

While the Nolan N60-6 Sport is not a race-replica helmet, it offers practicality for street usage. The inclusion of a micrometric quick-release buckle, as opposed to a double-D setup, emphasizes ease of use and convenience, particularly for riders who frequently put on and remove their helmets.

Pricing and Availability: Accessible Premium Quality

The Nolan N60-6 Sport is positioned as a value-for-money offering, providing premium features at an accessible price point. With prices starting at 249.99 euros (about $274 USD), and ranging up to 279.99 euros (about $306 USD) for top-range models with fancy graphics, the helmet is competitively priced. The fact that it conforms to ECE R22.06 standards and comes in a wide range of sizes (from 2XS to 3XL) makes it a versatile choice for a broad spectrum of riders.

Conclusion: The Nolan N60-6 Sport – A Blend of Style, Safety, and Comfort

The Nolan N60-6 Sport helmet stands as a testament to Nolan’s commitment to providing riders with high-quality, feature-rich helmets. Balancing style, safety, and comfort, this helmet is an excellent choice for sporty street riders seeking a reliable and visually appealing headgear. With its advanced features, thoughtful design, and competitive pricing, the Nolan N60-6 Sport is poised to become a popular choice in the motorcycle helmet market.

Upgrade your riding experience with the Nolan N60-6 Sport helmet, where elegance meets security and comfort. Experience the cutting-edge features such as the Lexan polycarbonate shell, UltraWide visor, and state-of-the-art ventilation system that redefine your ride. Make no compromises on your journey.

Head to your closest gear shop or explore online to select from the extensive size range available. Step into the world of Nolan, where every ride is enhanced with superior quality. Secure your Nolan N60-6 Sport helmet today and join the league of riders who trust Nolan for unparalleled riding experiences. Elevate your ride with Nolan – where your adventure awaits!”

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