Theo Cauchy brings a remarkable ideation sketch for a new personal project.

The Design

The sketch looks like it is an electric bike that has battery neatly stacked and properly covered. What we could observe from the design. 

  • Of course, the first thing we could see is the name ” Buell ” neatly mentioned on the section upwards where the battery it stacked. We guess the project is for Buell. In March 2019 where we saw Buell had entered the electric space of motorcycles
  • Its a single-seater commuter mix of sports and naked bike.Sports because we could see a few lines in the design that are similar to a sports bike. Especially when it comes to fuel tank section 
  • Well, not only edges in this design are sharp, but they are bold too.
  • Notable is the rear section that also acts as a support to the rider, plus we also feel that is also a gets a small LED rear light.
  • Front forks are beefy with small square headlight. Whereas from the sketch, we could also identify that it as single-sided rear swingarm.
  • Handlebars are flat to give the rider maximum comfort during long hauls.
  • The speedometer looks to be squarish and small.
  • Ground clearance is a little low. It is due to the fact that the battery is properly covered.

About Theo

Theo is a 5th-year student at the International School of Design in France studying Transportation Design.

From July 2018 to February 2019, Theo has worked with Ducati Design Center as an Intern, and currently, he is working as an Intern with Kiska.

Source: Theo Cauchy

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