Back in March, we saw Buell had entered in electric space of motorcycles by giving us there roadmap to their two products Flow and Fluid. These two products are brain child of Erik Buell.

We were also aware of price the Flow and it was around $10,995 with 11kW (125cc identical) or 35kW (bike permit) variants. Later on, Buell started  crowdfunding campaign although it was not for Flow but it was for Fluid and that received a good response as well.

Now we see from the patent document that the combustion engine of Flow is supplemented by electric and it also indicates Buell is on track to bring the Flow in the market as per timeline.


However, in some designs, we see the difference in the rear wheel.While one design has spokes the other has wheel cover that is visible in FIG.6 above .But we hope that doesn’t change anything from the functional viewpoint and it remains the same

The Flow is expected on the road by Dec 2020.

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