Two giant biggies Brough and Aston Martin’s objective to ally was in every motorcycle magazine last week.

This alliance will see an output that is something different as both Brough and Aston are the epitomai of building world-class products and why not it looks clear from the pictures that went viral over the internet.

The grey silver chiseled fuel tank, with smooth design and headlight that indicates cues from Aston looks superior.With a ‘ V ‘ shape light tan leather seat is a cake on top.


A white thick line that goes right from the middle of the fuel tank does look like it makes the partition near the handle.Dash looks small. The rear too looks exquisite with a small thin LED light.

Take a look at the engine it is mentioned V2 Turbo. Back in 90’s the V2 Turbos were seen in Japanese motorcycles Honda CX 500 Turbo, Yamaha XJ 650 Seca Turbo, and Suzuki XN 85 Turbo.

Most of these motorcycles fall under 500cc to 700cc in terms of displacement and were capable to produce max power up to 100 hp.

Do we see Aston and Brough replicating the same? We also can figure it out that these will be limited copies.Is anyone waiting for EICMA? Well we are.

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