Toyota has just teased us with an intriguing image showcasing the front fascia with split horizontal headlights and a distinct Phoenix badge. This confirms that they will brand the new model as a Century.

Here are some key points:

  • Toyota will be releasing a Century SUV on September 6.
  • The SUV will be based on the Grand Highlander but will be stretched to about 205 inches long.
  • Expected to be powered by a plug-in hybrid setup borrowed from the Lexus TX 550h+.
  • It will be significantly more expensive than the Land Cruiser, but will still undercut the sedan.
  • Toyota intends to sell it exclusively with two-row seating.
  • There could be plans to export the model.


Earlier this year, Japanese magazines buzzed with rumours about this release. Now, we’re just a week away from seeing it come to life. Toyota transformed the Crown into a range of models and now seems set to do the same with the prestigious Century nameplate. Although Toyota hasn’t officially announced the release of a Century SUV, they have promised a “new car presentation” on their official YouTube channel on September 6.

Toyota Century SUV teaser


The teaser image almost guarantees that Toyota will unveil a high-riding Century. Why? A gloved chauffeur stands ready to open the rear door. Toyota has always marketed the Century sedan, predominantly sold in Japan, as a chauffeur-driven vehicle. This SUV version looks set to continue that legacy. The teaser hints at a taller vehicle body, suggesting an SUV with a tailgate, distinct from the sedan’s trunk lid.

Phoenix Badge

Earlier in June, Toyota gave us a sneak peek of what looked like the Century as an SUV during the launch of their Alphard and Vellfire minivans. While specifics remain under wraps, whispers suggest the SUV won’t share mechanics with the sedan. Instead, it might debut as a luxurious version of the Grand Highlander, potentially stretching to around 205 inches.

The power behind this anticipated vehicle? Rumours suggest a plug-in hybrid system from the Lexus TX 550h+, an electrified 3.5-litre V6 boasting 406 horsepower. For context, Toyota offers the Century sedan with a V8, and its predecessor boasted a powerful V12 – Toyota’s sole twelve-cylinder engine.


Pricing for the Century SUV is expected to surpass the Land Cruiser, but it should still be more affordable than the sedan. Sources indicate Toyota will offer this SUV exclusively with two-row seating. Unlike the sedan, which remains a Japan-only gem, Toyota might have plans to export the Century SUV.



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