Here are the achievements and announcements by Bengaluru-based Tresa Motors related to electric trucks and related technology.

Key Points

1. DAX-1 Electric Axle: Tresa Motors revealed its DAX-1 electric axle, a system that combines multiple components such as the FLUX350 motor, motor controller, AMT gearbox, and differential into one compact unit. This integrated design can potentially lead to more efficient and compact electric drivetrains.

2. Tresa’s Electric Truck Model V0.1: The company’s medium and heavy electric truck platform is named Model V0.1. It’s built on the axial flux motor platform, Flux 350, and can transport loads ranging between 18 to 55 tons. The motor, weighing around 25kg, can deliver a power output of up to 350 kW.


Tresa Motors’ founder and CEO Rohan Shravan: “Tresa Motors is the sole manufacturer of the axial flux motor-powered eAxle in India, showcasing the nation's prowess in EV technology.”


3. Battery Packs (Meg50): Tresa’s battery packs, named Meg50, have a capacity of 50Kwh. Unique to their design, they are fully submerged in a dielectric liquid that offers 360-degree cooling and acts as a fire retardant. The flagship truck model also showcases modular battery packs, allowing for increased range post-purchase.

4. Driver Comfort and Safety: The Model V cabins are designed with the drivers’ comfort in mind, featuring central seating, air conditioning, airbags, and a comprehensive view of the road. They also incorporate LIDAR and AI technologies, which could indicate advanced driver assistance systems or potential autonomous capabilities.

The Model VO.1 is the first product from Tresa which is developing electric trucks in the 18T-55T GVW segment.

Tresa Leadership

5. Remarks by Tresa’s Leadership:
Vinod K Dasari, Chairman: Highlighted the increasing adoption of EVs and expressed Tresa Motors’ commitment to leveraging Indian innovation for design and manufacturing. The emphasis is on benefiting both customers and drivers.

Rohan Shravan, Founder and CEO: Emphasized Tresa Motors’ distinct position as the only manufacturer of the axial flux motor-powered eAxle in India. He also noted the company’s progress, mentioning the imminent road trials.

Company Background: Tresa Motors specializes in industrial design, electric powertrain, and battery technologies. They target the electric truck segment ranging from 18T-55T GVW and have recently introduced their first vehicle, the Model V0.1.

The DAX 1 e-axle integrates Tresa’s Flux 350 motor, motor controller, AMT gearbox and differential into a single compact unit.


Tresa Motors seems to be at the forefront of electric truck technology in India. The integration of various components into the DAX-1 electric axle can simplify manufacturing, reduce maintenance, and potentially lower costs. Their battery technology also indicates a forward-thinking approach, especially in terms of cooling and safety. With the EV market rapidly expanding, Tresa’s innovations might find a significant place in both the domestic and international markets.


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