The partnership between Triumph Motorcycles and Akrapovič, announced on October 7, 2023, is an exciting development for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Here’s a summary of the key points from the announcement:

Partnership Overview: Triumph Motorcycles and Akrapovič have entered into a long-term partnership to develop high-performance exhaust systems for Triumph’s motorcycles. The focus will primarily be on Triumph’s Adventure and Roadster models, which include the Tiger 900 and 1200, as well as the Street and Speed Triples.

Akrapovič’s Expertise: Akrapovič is renowned for its high-performance exhaust systems, and much of its technology originates from the world of racing, including MotoGP and the Dakar Rally. Their expertise in producing top-notch exhaust systems for racing has earned them a strong reputation in the consumer market as well.


Technology Exchange: The partnership is expected to leverage Akrapovič’s race-bred technology to enhance the performance of Triumph motorcycles. This collaboration is aimed at giving riders a piece of high-performance technology derived from the racing world.

Special Projects: In addition to exhaust systems for existing models, Triumph and Akrapovič will also collaborate on “special projects.” While the press release does not specify the nature of these projects, it is suggested that they may involve special-edition versions of certain Triumph models in the future.

Moto2 Connection: The partnership traces its roots back to the Moto2 racing series, where Akrapovič supplied exhaust systems for Triumph’s 765cc three-cylinder engine. This engine continues to power Moto2 racing machines and has a close connection with the Triumph Street Triple RS, which produces 128 horsepower and 59 pound-feet of torque in its current trim.

Customer Choice: Nick Bloor, the CEO of Triumph Motorcycles, emphasized that this collaboration with Akrapovič expands the range of genuine Triumph accessories. Riders will have the opportunity to enhance the performance and feel of their Triumph motorcycles with exhaust systems developed in tandem with the bikes themselves.

Shared Values: Both companies see this partnership as an exciting opportunity to collaborate on a range of motorcycle genres. They share similar values and are enthusiastic about working together to see what they can achieve as the collaboration progresses.


The partnership between Triumph Motorcycles and Akrapovič marks a significant development in the world of motorcycle technology and performance. With Akrapovič’s expertise in high-performance exhaust systems and Triumph’s position as a leading motorcycle manufacturer, this collaboration holds great promise for riders and enthusiasts. It not only aims to improve the performance and technology of Triumph motorcycles, particularly in the Adventure and Roadster segments but also hints at exciting special projects and potential special-edition models in the future.

The connection between this partnership and the Moto2 racing series, where Akrapovič supplies exhaust systems for Triumph’s engines, adds a racing pedigree to the collaboration, reinforcing the commitment to high-performance engineering.

Ultimately, this partnership represents a commitment to providing riders with even more choices and opportunities to enhance their Triumph motorcycles, while also reflecting the shared values and excitement of both companies for this collaboration. Motorcycle enthusiasts can look forward to the fruits of this partnership in the form of upgraded exhaust systems and potentially unique and exciting motorcycle models down the road.

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