Eye-Catching Dual-Tone Color Options

Triumph Motorcycles has launched the refreshed Bonneville T100 in India, now available in an attractive dual-tone color scheme called Aluminium/Baja Orange. This vibrant color option is sure to appeal to those who want their modern-classic motorcycle to stand out. The Aluminium/Baja Orange variant is priced at Rs 9.99 lakh (ex-showroom).

Besides this new color, the Bonneville T100 comes in other striking dual-tone options:

  • Sapphire Blue/Silver Blue
  • Jet Black
  • Carnival Red/Fusion White
  • Competition Green/Ironstone

Classic Design with Modern Appeal

The Triumph Bonneville T100 is renowned for its timeless design, featuring:

  • A round headlight
  • Chunky fuel tank
  • Curved fenders
  • Flat seat with white piping

These elements give the T100 a period-correct appearance, blending classic aesthetics with modern functionality.

Powerful 900cc Engine

At the heart of the Bonneville T100 is a 900cc, liquid-cooled, parallel-twin engine. This robust engine delivers:

  • 64.1bhp at 7,400rpm
  • 80Nm of torque at 3,750rpm

Paired with a 5-speed gearbox, this engine provides a smooth and responsive ride, making the T100 a joy to ride in both urban and highway settings.

Superior Handling and Comfort

The Bonneville T100 is built on a twin cradle frame, ensuring stability and comfort. The suspension system includes:

  • A 41mm telescopic fork at the front
  • Twin preload adjustable shock absorbers at the rear

The bike rides on an 18-inch front wheel and a 17-inch rear wheel, offering excellent handling. Braking is handled by a 310mm disc at the front and a 255mm disc at the rear, providing reliable stopping power.

Perfect for City and Highway Rides

The Triumph Bonneville T100 is known for its easy-to-ride nature and characterful parallel-twin engine. The bike produces a pleasant sound through its pea shooter exhaust pipes, adding to its charm. It is ideal for riders looking for a relaxed yet quick machine that can handle city traffic and highway trips with ease.

Strengths and Weakness

Classic and Timeless DesignHigher price point compared to some competitors
The Bonneville T100’s retro design withRetains a classic look but may not appeal to those
features like a round headlight, chunkylooking for a more modern or aggressive style.
fuel tank, and curved fenders is a major
attraction for those who appreciate
vintage aesthetics.
Powerful 900cc EngineLimited technology features
The liquid-cooled parallel-twin engineWhile the bike offers great performance, it may lack
provides a robust 64.1bhp and 80Nm ofsome advanced tech features found in other modern
torque, offering both smooth and responsivemotorcycles.
Excellent Handling and ComfortHeavier Weight
With a twin cradle frame, 41mm telescopicThe bike’s weight might be a drawback for some riders,
fork, and twin preload adjustable shockespecially in city traffic or for those looking for a
absorbers, the T100 ensures a stable andlighter motorcycle.
comfortable ride.
Eye-Catching Dual-Tone Color OptionsLimited Seating Options
The new Aluminium/Baja Orange color, alongThe flat seat with white piping looks great but may not
with other available options, providesbe the most comfortable for long-distance rides.
riders with attractive choices.
Suitable for City and Highway RidesBasic Instrumentation
The easy-to-ride nature and versatileThe instrumentation is fairly basic compared to more
performance make it ideal for both urbantechnologically advanced motorcycles.
commutes and highway trips.


The refreshed Triumph Bonneville T100, with its new dual-tone color option, classic design, and powerful 900cc engine, continues to be a popular choice among motorcycle enthusiasts. Its blend of style, performance, and comfort makes it a versatile machine for various riding scenarios. If you’re looking for a modern-classic motorcycle with a colorful and distinctive appearance, the Bonneville T100 is an excellent option to consider.


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