Triumph Trident 660 Tribute Edition: A Nod to Racing Glory

When Triumph decided to pay homage to its racing legacy with the Trident 660 Tribute edition, they weren’t just rolling out another motorcycle; they were immortalizing a legend. The Tribute edition is more than just a nod to the past; it’s a celebration of Triumph’s indomitable spirit, wrapped in a package that’s as stylish as it is steeped in history.

A Tribute to “Slippery Sam”

At the heart of the Tribute edition’s allure is its connection to “Slippery Sam,” the motorcycle that dominated the Isle of Man TT from 1971 to 1975. This wasn’t just any bike; it was a beacon of Triumph’s engineering might, showcasing what the brand was capable of on the world’s most challenging race course. The Trident 660 Tribute edition brings this legacy to the streets, offering enthusiasts a slice of racing history.

A Palette of Heritage

What sets the Tribute edition apart, visually, is its unique color scheme, inspired directly by Slippery Sam. The combination of white, blue, and red is not just eye-catching; it’s a canvas that tells a story of triumph (pun intended), speed, and a relentless pursuit of victory. This triple-tone livery isn’t just paint on metal; it’s a tribute to a golden era of motorcycle racing.


Exclusive Features

Beyond its colors, the Trident 660 Tribute edition boasts features that elevate it above the standard model. The inclusion of a belly pan and a body-colored fly screen are nods to both form and function, blending aerodynamic efficiency with aesthetic appeal. Moreover, the bidirectional quick shifter isn’t just a technical addition; it’s a nod to the performance pedigree that Triumph motorcycles are known for, offering riders a more engaging and responsive riding experience.

The Heart Remains the Same

While its looks and some features have been upgraded, the heart of the Tribute edition—the 660cc, inline-triple engine—remains unchanged. Pumping out 80bhp and 64Nm, it strikes a balance between accessible power and thrilling performance, making it suitable for a wide range of riders. This engine choice underlines Triumph’s commitment to delivering both excitement and reliability, irrespective of the edition.

The Price of Exclusivity

With its unique positioning in the market, the Trident 660 Tribute edition carries a badge of exclusivity, emphasized by its limited production run. However, this exclusivity doesn’t just stem from its limited numbers; it’s also a reflection of the brand’s dedication to celebrating its storied history in a tangible form. The decision to keep it available for only a year further adds to its allure, making it a coveted piece among collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Will It Make Its Way to India?

The big question for Indian enthusiasts is whether the Tribute edition will make its way to the local market. Given the Trident 660’s popularity in India, where it’s priced at Rs. 8.25 lakh (ex-showroom), the arrival of the Tribute edition would undoubtedly be met with enthusiasm. However, as of now, its availability remains a matter of speculation. Should Triumph decide to introduce it in India, it would not only cater to the demand for exclusive and special edition motorcycles but also strengthen the brand’s presence in a highly competitive segment.

Conclusion: A Celebration of Triumph’s Racing DNA

The Triumph Trident 660 Tribute edition is more than just a motorcycle; it’s a celebration of Triumph’s illustrious racing heritage, a testament to its engineering prowess, and a statement of its design philosophy. By blending history with modernity, Triumph has not just paid tribute to a legendary racer; they’ve created a legend of their own. Whether on the streets of India or the international markets, the Trident 660 Tribute edition is a beacon of motorcycle excellence, embodying the spirit of racing glory in every ride.

FAQs on Triumph Trident 660 Tribute Edition

Q: What’s so special about the Triumph Trident 660 Tribute Edition?
A: The Triumph Trident 660 Tribute Edition is a special nod to the iconic “Slippery Sam,” the bike that won the Isle of Man TT five years in a row! It’s not just any bike; it’s got a unique color scheme inspired by the racing legend, plus cool features like a belly pan, fly screen, and a quick shifter. It’s like riding a piece of Triumph’s glorious racing history.

Q: How does it look?
A: Oh, it looks stunning! Imagine a sleek machine draped in white, blue, and red, colors that scream speed and heritage. This bike isn’t just about getting from A to B; it’s about making a statement while doing it. Plus, the extra bits like the body-colored fly screen and belly pan just add to its racing vibes.

Q: Does it ride differently from the standard Trident 660?
A: Underneath all that flashy tribute livery, it’s the same awesome Trident 660. It’s got the same 660cc engine that pumps out 80bhp and 64Nm, making it a blast to ride for both newbies and seasoned bikers. So, no new tricks in the riding department, but hey, it wasn’t broke, so Triumph didn’t fix it.

Q: Is it worth the extra dough?
A: If you’re into exclusivity or a fan of Triumph’s racing legacy, absolutely. It’s not just a bike; it’s a collector’s item. Limited run, special features, and that connection to “Slippery Sam”? Priceless for the right person. But even beyond that, it’s a Triumph. Quality and style are part of the deal.

Q: Will I be able to buy it in India?
A: The anticipation is real, but the verdict’s still out on that one. Triumph hasn’t dropped the final word yet. Given how popular the Trident 660 is over here, bringing the Tribute Edition would definitely make a splash. Fingers crossed, and keep your eyes peeled for any announcements from Triumph!

Q: How exclusive is this Tribute Edition?
A: Triumph’s making it for just one year, which in the world of motorcycles, is pretty much a blink and you’ll miss it scenario. If you manage to snag one, you’ll be riding around on not just a piece of history but also something that’s rare and special. It’s the motorcycle equivalent of a limited edition sneaker drop.

Q: Is it just a pretty face, or does it have any new features?
A: Beyond its stunning looks, the Tribute Edition comes with a few goodies that the standard Trident 660 doesn’t. The bidirectional quick shifter for smooth gear changes and the added aerodynamic elements like the belly pan and fly screen are more than just cosmetic; they add to the bike’s performance and riding experience.

Q: Why should I care about “Slippery Sam”?
A: “Slippery Sam” isn’t just any bike; it’s a legend. Dominating the Isle of Man TT, one of the toughest races out there, for five consecutive years is no small feat. The Trident 660 Tribute Edition celebrates that spirit of competition and triumph, connecting you to a winning legacy. It’s about pride, heritage, and a love for the thrill of the ride.


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