Tucano Urbano's new AIRSCUD FLEX and the Urban Motorcyclist Beyond Conventional Safety

Tucano Urbano’s

The motorcycle gear industry has witnessed a significant evolution with the introduction of advanced safety technologies, particularly in the realm of airbag vests.

A notable development in this sector is the launch of the AIRSCUD FLEX by Tucano Urbano, a product that stands out for its urban-centric design and integration of In&motion’s cutting-edge airbag technology.

This innovation marks a pivotal moment in enhancing safety for urban motorcyclists, who often face unique challenges in densely populated and unpredictable city environments. The AIRSCUD FLEX not only aims to provide high-level protection but also addresses common concerns about style, comfort, and versatility in motorcycle safety gear.



Tucano Urbano’s introduction of the AIRSCUD FLEX, powered by In&motion’s airbag technology, marks a significant advancement in urban motorcycle safety gear.


  • Comfortable and stylish design
  • Made with polyester mesh for ventilation
  • Stretch panels on the sides for freedom of movement
  • CE Class C rating (oversuit)
  • In&motion’s seven-sensor system to detect a crash


  • Airbag vest: 299.99 EUR (about $320 USD)
  • In&box (processing and sensor box): 400 EUR (about $430 USD)
  • Subscription-based service: 10 EUR ($10.72 USD) per month or 120 EUR ($130 USD) per year with up to four months suspendable.

Urban Motorcycle Safety

This product is particularly notable for several reasons:

  • Urban Focus: Unlike other airbag vests primarily designed for motorsports, the AIRSCUD FLEX is tailored for urban environments. This is significant considering the unique risks and challenges faced by motorcyclists in city settings.
  • Partnership with In&motion: Tucano Urbano’s collaboration with In&motion, a firm known for its advanced airbag technology, indicates a strong commitment to safety. In&motion’s system, which uses motion sensors and GPS, is sophisticated and has been proven in other contexts, such as motorsports.
  • Design and Comfort: The AIRSCUD FLEX vest is designed with a focus on style, comfort, and ventilation, which are crucial for urban riders. The use of polyester mesh and stretch panels, along with its ability to be worn over or under regular clothes, addresses some of the common complaints about airbag vests being bulky or restrictive.
  • Safety Certification and Technology: With a CE Class C rating and equipped with In&motion’s seven-sensor system for crash detection, the AIRSCUD FLEX offers a high level of protection.
  • Pricing and Subscription Model: The initial price point of 299.99 EUR (about $320 USD) is competitively affordable. However, the additional cost of the In&box and the subscription service for the airbag’s technology can significantly increase the overall investment. This subscription model is a relatively new approach in motorcycle safety gear and might influence consumer decisions.
  • Gender Inclusivity: The availability of a version specifically for women is a positive step towards inclusivity, ensuring that all riders have access to appropriately fitting and comfortable safety gear.
  • Comparisons with Competitors: The AIRSCUD FLEX’s emphasis on urban usability sets it apart from products by Furygan, Helite, and Hit-Air, which have different focuses or activation mechanisms (like tethers).

The Tucano Urbano AIRSCUD FLEX represents a thoughtful and innovative approach to motorcycle safety gear for urban riders, balancing technology, comfort, and style. However, the cost, particularly when considering the subscription for the In&box, is a significant factor for potential buyers to consider.

Airbag Vest Technology

The introduction of Tucano Urbano’s AIRSCUD FLEX, featuring In&motion airbag technology, presents a significant advancement in the field of urban motorcycle safety gear. Let’s delve into a key analysis of the product, its competitors, and the associated pros and cons.

Key Analysis:

  • Target Market: Focused on urban motorcyclists who may face different hazards compared to highway or track riders. This specificity in design and function is a key differentiator.
  • Technology: Utilizes In&motion’s advanced airbag technology, which is sensor-based and doesn’t rely on physical tethers to the motorcycle, unlike some competitors.
  • Design: Aims to blend safety with style, addressing a common concern among urban riders about the bulkiness and aesthetic appeal of safety gear.
  • Versatility: Can be worn over or under regular clothing, providing flexibility in various weather conditions and social settings.
  • Safety Certification: Comes with a CE Class C rating, ensuring a recognized standard of protection.

Motorcycle Safety Gear


  • Furygan: Offers airbags designed more for motorsports, integrating with racing suits and jackets. This focus on high-speed performance might not address the unique needs of urban riders.
  • Helite and Hit-Air: Known for their vests that activate via a tether to the bike. This older technology contrasts with the sensor-based system used by In&motion.
  • Other Urban-Focused Gear: Various brands offer urban motorcycle gear, but few integrate advanced airbag technology as seamlessly as the AIRSCUD FLEX.


  • Advanced Safety Features: Incorporates state-of-the-art crash detection technology for enhanced protection.
  • Urban Aesthetics: Designed with a focus on style, appealing to riders concerned about the look of their gear.
  • Comfort and Ventilation: Addresses common discomforts associated with safety gear, especially in an urban setting.
  • Gender-Inclusive Options: The availability of models catering to different gender fits increases accessibility.


  • Cost: The initial affordability is somewhat offset by the ongoing subscription cost for the In&box technology.
  • Dependency on Technology: The reliance on sensor technology and a subscription model might deter traditionalists or those skeptical of tech-based safety features.
  • Market Novelty: Being relatively new in the market, there might be apprehensions about its long-term reliability and effectiveness compared to more established brands.
  • Bulkiness Concerns: Despite efforts to reduce bulk, the presence of the In&motion module might still be a concern for some riders in terms of comfort and style.


The Tucano Urbano AIRSCUD FLEX represents a significant stride forward in urban motorcycle safety. Its strategic combination of In&motion’s advanced sensor-based technology, a focus on urban aesthetics, and practical design considerations positions it as a standout product in the motorcycle safety gear market.

While it brings innovative solutions to the unique challenges faced by urban riders, potential buyers must carefully consider factors such as the ongoing subscription costs and reliance on technology-based safety systems. Nevertheless, the AIRSCUD FLEX’s introduction is a testament to the evolving landscape of motorcycle safety gear, where technology, comfort, and style converge to meet the diverse needs of today’s urban motorcyclists.

The Tucano Urbano AIRSCUD FLEX stands out in the market for urban motorcycle airbag vests, especially with its blend of style, comfort, and advanced technology. While it faces competition from more traditional, motorsport-focused airbag systems, its urban-centric design and technology give it a unique edge. However, potential buyers must weigh the ongoing costs and reliance on technology against the advanced safety benefits offered by this innovative product.

Lulop, Tucano Urbano

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