Tummoc, a Bengaluru-based multi-modal connectivity platform, has raised US$1 million in a Pre-Series A Round of funding. Inflection Point Ventures led the round, and the funds will be utilized for various purposes such as recruitment and training of personnel, development of technology and software, marketing efforts, and administrative requirements.


Tummoc aims to address the challenges of traffic congestion and pollution that come with urbanization, which have been experienced in developed nations like the US and the UK. The platform offers comprehensive transit technology solutions to State Transport Authorities, focusing on multi-modal connectivity. It provides features such as intracity journey planning and online bookings for buses and metros and facilitates first to last-mile connectivity through a single app.



Rahul Wagh, Managing Director of Inflection Point Ventures, highlighted the importance of public transportation in addressing urbanization challenges. He mentioned that Tummoc is expected to contribute significantly to the process by providing essential services for local travel. Wagh also expressed confidence in the Indian government’s efforts to improve infrastructure and promote initiatives like Tummoc.

Hiranmay Mallick, CEO of Tummoc, expressed gratitude for completing the pre-Series A funding round. He outlined the company’s plans to implement Mobility as a Service (MaaS) for Bengaluru and Delhi using the acquired funds. MaaS aims to integrate multiple modes of transportation into a single journey ticket, including the first mile, middle mile, and last mile. The goal is to enable 15 million daily commuters in Bengaluru and Delhi to access a unified mobility ticket. Tummoc’s plans include expanding this service to more than 10 cities.


Moreover, Tummoc intends to assist key state and city transit agencies in digitizing their transit infrastructure by implementing Integrated Transport Management (ITM). By doing so, the company aims to contribute to the development of efficient and integrated transit systems in India, thus building Transit for India, according to Hiranmay Mallick.


Tummoc’s platform is a promising solution for the challenges of traffic and pollution in Indian cities. The company’s MaaS model has the potential to make public transportation more convenient and affordable and to encourage people to leave their cars at home.

Here are some of the key benefits of Tummoc’s platform:

  • Convenience: Users can plan their journeys and book tickets in one app.
  • Affordability: Tummoc’s MaaS model can make public transportation more affordable by offering single-journey tickets that cover multiple modes of transportation.
  • Sustainability: Tummoc’s platform can help reduce traffic and pollution by encouraging people to leave their cars at home.


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