“The EMQX solution is a critical piece of our infrastructure facilitating Motorcycle connectivity to the cloud, securely and at scale.” Said Rob Charter, Director of Engineering at Damon.

EMQX is a cloud-native Internet of Things (IoT) messaging platform that scales to 100 million concurrent device connections. 



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Using open-source clustering technology and open standard IoT protocols like Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT). EMQX can securely move large amounts of data from IoT devices such as vehicle sensors to the cloud. And reliably deliver control messages from the cloud back to devices.

Damon’s CoPilot vehicle safety system collects road and rides data using an array of cameras. Radar, and non-visual sensors. Its onboard neural network continuously scans for potential danger. 

It alerts the rider through haptic feedback on the handlebar. Integrated windscreen LEDs, front and rearview cameras, and long-range radar displays.

Using data collected from vehicles and environments around the world and shared through the EMQX platform. The CoPilot AI will be able to improve over time to deliver more meaningful interactions tuned to the individual rider’s behaviours.


“What Damon Motors is doing with CoPilot is a huge leap forward for vehicle connectivity and rider safety,” commented Dylan Kennedy, General Manager of EMQ Technologies. “It requires a fusion of precision sensing, edge computing, machine learning, and impressive mobility. 

Providing the data infrastructure with our best-in-class EMQX solution. Helping to create a much safer environment for the motorcyclist, is very exciting and rewarding for EMQ.”

EMQX also provides native integrations with many services and databases in the cloud for easy distribution, processing, and analyzing vehicle telemetry data. The Internet of Vehicles repeatedly turns to EMQ to provide solutions that decrease network latency and enable hyper scaling.

Damon’s HyperSport and HyperFighter motorcycles are available for reservation now. The CoPilot cloud network is expected to go live in late 2022. With the first vehicles estimated to ship in early 2024.

via EMQX  and Damon Motorcycles

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