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If you’re planning to buy an electric scooter shortly, you need to know many things before making your purchase. Don’t take any chances. Make sure you understand everything — especially the tiny details. Here are some of the best-known facts about one of India’s most awaited scooter models, the ​TVS Creon:

BrandTVS Motor
Name of the scooterTVS Creon
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Why TVS Creon?

Innovative is the word that first comes to mind when you think about TVS Creon, an electric scooter from TVS Motor Company in India, one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in India.

And who doesn’t want the cool, clean, fun feeling of riding around in an electric scooter? TVS Motor Company’s new innovative Creon has all the features of a good quality speed scooter. 


With its low height, this electric scooter is suitable for use on even tiny sidewalks while also still having enough power to carry a person up to 85 kg/ 187 lbs.

The Creon’s futuristic design is available as a step-through model with both front and rear suspension.

The Creon is a performance-oriented electric scooter that accelerates faster than many sports cars. The scooter accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in 5.1 seconds.

Fuel gaugeYes
LED Tail LightYes

TVS Creon Video

TVS Creon concept and Spotting

TVS unveiled the Creon sporty electric scooter concept at the 2018 Auto Expo. The concept was received warmly by attendees, and TVS might launch the production-ready scooter sooner than we thought. 

A test mule for the same was spotted in Bengaluru’s Electronic City. It was not to say that it was a commercial product, however. It was probably just a test mule for certification purposes.

However, this was back in 2018. Fast forward to today, we see this electric scooter in the production avatar.


TVS Creon Specifications/Features

Now, here’s a scooter that is as fierce as it looks! At its core, the Creon is a high-performance scooter and will give many sports the run for their money in terms of speed. Jam the throttle and let its powerful motor launch you to 0 to 60 miles in just 5.1 seconds. Its advanced technology features a fully digital instrument panel and LED lighting. 

The Creon is perfect for the environmentally conscious individual who needs a safe, comfortable, easy-to-own and maintained vehicle for travel. The only sound you’ll hear upon operation will be the wind making its way through the trees. Further, it has a rapid charge function that helps 80% battery in an hour.

Scooters have been around for decades, but what if you could fine-tune your ride? TCS Creon hopes the answer to that question with cloud connectivity. 

Aside from featuring their signature digital instrument console with GPS, anti-theft and park assist capabilities, three riding modes, geo-fencing, Bluetooth connectivity and navigation, you also get connectivity with your smartphone to control the settings of your vehicle.

The scooter gets 3 Lithium battery modules and will range 50 miles.


Power, Range and Transmission

Power12 kW (16.1 hp)
Front BrakeDisc
Rear BrakeDisc
Body TypeFibre and Metal
Range80 km/50 Miles

Additional features

Additional FeaturesRiding Modes, Park Assist, Navigation, Geo-Facing
Passenger FootrestYes
Pass SwitchYes


Battery Life1,000 cycles
Charge Time3 hours (80% after 1 hour)

LED lights

Tail LightLED
Turn Signal LampLED
LED Tail LightsPresent

Braking and Safety

Brakes Front

Brakes RearDisc
Wheels TypeAlloy
Tubeless TyreTubeless


Charging At Home?

Can it be charged at a charging station?No

TVS Creon Price

Not every day, a new vehicle makes its way into the country, and everyone gets excited about it. TVS has been doing a fantastic job in manufacturing, distributing and marketing scooters, bikes, and mopeds for over 44 years. 

The Indian brand has introduced several new vehicles to cater to the growing market need. We expect the price of this electric scooter to be upwards of Rs 1.20 Lakh.


Waiting period for TVS Creon

Most of the scooters in the city. While there are some exceptions, the waiting period for most of these scooters is three months and no more than five months. For example, in India, the bike has an average waiting period of three months. The Creon scooter may have a more extended waiting period specified by the company after its launch.

TVS Creon Booking process

While you may have the option to book this scooter by going through the TVS Website and filling in information like Name, Phone, Email and more, you will also be able to book this electric scooter by paying a nominal amount by going to your nearest TVS dealer.

TVS Creon Behaviour/ Review

The TCS Creon Concept has earned recognition as one of the most advanced scooters on the market today. This light, powerful, sleek vehicle stands out among other options, thus making it a popular choice among buyers. Impressive features include the high-speed motor and stylish ergonomic design.

The future is now, and it’s coming in the form of an electric scooter called the Creon. The Creon has been many years in the making and was developed with top-notch safety and environmental standards in mind. It also boasts some of the fastest technology.

Aside from the apparent distinction of an electric drivetrain, some aspects of the e-scooter appear to come straight out of a TVS iQube. Both scooters see two fat tires, for example. 

Where TCS Creon seems more concerned about function than form, TVS iQube keeps everything in place with a much smaller body design that appears boxy and solid in Creon’s early rendition. It also shows that Creon is under development, and TVS will launch in 2022.

However, we will see a change in the Creon concept and the production model. Well, time will answer.


Imagine a scooter. What is the first thing that comes to mind? Italian design? Maybe. Ultra-lightweight frame? Probably. Fast acceleration? I wouldn’t be surprised. But having all three characteristics in one vehicle isn’t something you’d ever think possible. 

Well, it seems this is precisely what TVS has done with its new electric scooter because that’s exactly what the Creon resembles in appearance, save for a couple of details. 

And if this is the case, then we are tremendously excited about the future of electric vehicles because we might have a brilliant competitor in this little red-black scooter from India.

Because if the Creon even comes close to meeting expectations and market demands, then the world might see a revolution of sorts, one which will promote environmentally-friendly transportation and give birth to similar innovations!

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