TVS Eurogrip Tyres EICMA-2023 Cover

TVS Eurogrip Tyres

TVS Eurogrip, a reputable player in the two-wheeler tyre industry, is making a significant splash at EICMA 2023, the premier motorcycle exhibition in Milan, Italy.

Key Points

  • TVS Eurogrip Tyres is participating in EICMA 2023, the leading motorcycle exhibition, happening in Milan, Italy, from November 7-12.
  • The company will be showcasing its new range of high-performance tyres, including the CLIMBER family of tyres for motocross, enduro and cross-country, and the BEE CONNECT UHP scooter tyre.
  • TVS Eurogrip will also be unveiling EUROGRIP POINT, a new initiative in the retail space.
  • The company is looking to expand its presence in Europe and other international markets.
  • P Madhavan, EVP, Sales and Marketing, TVS Srichakra Ltd, said that the company is “elated to be exhibiting at EICMA 2023” and that “Year 2023 has been outstanding for Eurogrip’s global growth, and 2024 is looking very positive.”

EICMA 2023

With a strong presence at Hall 9 – Stand No. 168 from November 7-12, the company is showcasing an exciting new range of high-performance tyres along with its established products.

This move is indicative of TVS Eurogrip’s commitment to innovation and customer focus, as seen with the unveiling of the CLIMBER MX Junior for young off-road aficionados and the introduction of the BEE CONNECT UHP for high-speed scooter enthusiasts. The launch of EUROGRIP POINT further represents a strategic advancement into enhancing their retail partnerships and expanding their market footprint. These developments come on the back of a robust performance in the global arena and lay down a promising outlook for the future.


High-Performance Tyres

TVS Eurogrip’s participation in EICMA 2023 underscores their commitment to expanding their reach and showcasing their latest innovations in the two-wheeler tyre segment. The announcement of the CLIMBER MX Junior adds a specialized product to their portfolio, catering specifically to the younger segment of off-road enthusiasts, which indicates the brand’s attention to the diverse needs of riders.

The introduction of the BEE CONNECT UHP highlights a trend in the industry towards high-performance scooter tyres. With scooters becoming more powerful and capable, there’s a growing demand for tyres that can handle higher speeds and provide better grip, without compromising on durability or comfort.


The EUROGRIP POINT initiative seems to be a strategic move to strengthen their retail network and enhance brand presence at the point of sale. By providing POS materials, trade promotions, and other benefits, TVS Eurogrip is investing in building a stronger relationship with retailers, which can be crucial for brand loyalty and consumer trust.

Mr. Madhavan’s comments reflect a positive outlook for the company’s future, highlighting a successful 2023 and an optimistic view for 2024. It seems that TVS Eurogrip is actively working to make a mark in Europe and other international markets, leveraging EICMA’s global platform to engage with a wider audience and establish their products as a go-to choice for a variety of two-wheeler applications.


EICMA is one of the most important trade shows for motorcycle enthusiasts and industry professionals, providing an excellent opportunity for networking, brand building, and product launches. TVS Eurogrip’s presence at this event could greatly enhance its visibility and could lead to new partnerships and business opportunities in the international market.

Motorbike Tyre Technology

When considering the strategic steps TVS Eurogrip is taking with its participation in EICMA 2023 and the launch of new products and initiatives, there are several pros and cons to evaluate:


  • Innovation and Expansion: The introduction of the CLIMBER MX Junior tyre caters to a niche segment, demonstrating innovation and a focus on expanding the product range to include younger riders.
  • High-Performance Products: The BEE CONNECT UHP reflects the company’s alignment with market trends towards higher-performance scooter tyres, addressing the needs of consumers who demand more from their two-wheeler tyres.
  • Brand Visibility: EICMA provides a global stage for TVS Eurogrip to increase its brand visibility among industry leaders, media, and consumers, which is vital for brand recognition and credibility.
  • Strengthening Retail Relationships: The EUROGRIP POINT initiative aims to create strong retail partnerships by offering various benefits, which can enhance brand loyalty and customer service at the point of sale.
  • Positive Market Outlook: The company’s optimistic view of its global growth and future prospects can attract potential investors and partners.


  • Market Competition: The tyre industry is highly competitive with several well-established players. New product lines must stand out in terms of quality and price to capture significant market share.
  • Retail Partnership Risks: The EUROGRIP POINT initiative will require a careful selection of retail partners and significant support to maintain the promised benefits, which could be resource-intensive.
  • Niche Market Challenges: While the CLIMBER MX Junior addresses a specific segment, the actual market size for youth-focused off-road tyres may be limited, which could affect the expected return on investment.
  • Consumer Behavior: The success of the BEE CONNECT UHP depends on the adoption rate of high-performance scooters. Any fluctuation in this market segment can impact the demand for such tyres.
  • Economic Factors: The global economic climate, including fluctuating raw material costs and potential trade barriers, can impact the cost-effectiveness and distribution of new products.

Milan Motorcycle Show

While TVS Eurogrip’s engagement at EICMA 2023 and its new product launches indicate a forward-thinking and growth-oriented strategy, they must navigate the competitive landscape, manage retail partnerships effectively, and stay attuned to market demands and economic factors to ensure sustainable success.


TVS Eurogrip’s strategic showcase at EICMA 2023 signals not just the expansion of their product line but also a broader ambition to solidify their market presence internationally. The introduction of tyres specifically tailored for diverse riders, from young off-roaders to speed-savvy scooterists, coupled with the EUROGRIP POINT retail initiative, sets the stage for deeper market penetration and a stronger consumer connection.

With Executive Vice President Mr P Madhavan expressing a positive trajectory for the company’s growth and an already successful 2023, TVS Eurogrip is positioning itself to ride the momentum into 2024 and beyond. Their enthusiastic participation in one of the world’s most renowned motorcycle exhibitions showcases their dedication to quality, performance, and a customer-centric approach in the competitive tyre industry.


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