TVS Ronin TD

The TVS Ronin 225’s special edition, known as the Ronin TD, appears to be a strategic release, particularly considering the timing ahead of the festive season in India, a period that often sees a surge in consumer spending, making it a prime time for new product launches or special editions.

Aesthetics and Branding:
The new triple-tone Nimbus Grey colour scheme and distinctive graphics set the Ronin TD apart from the standard model, likely making it more appealing to customers seeking something unique or collectors who desire special edition models. The specific branding on the rims and the blacked-out elements (notably on the lower parts of the bike and the headlamp bezel) contribute to a more custom and possibly more aggressive aesthetic. These changes are primarily cosmetic but play a significant role in vehicle appeal and brand perception among enthusiasts and general consumers alike.


Special Edition

Added Features:
The inclusion of accessories such as a USB charger is a nod to modern consumer needs, reflecting the growing trend of integrating technology and convenience in vehicles across all segments. A visor adds to rider comfort, particularly for those using the bike for longer journeys or at higher speeds, by offering some protection from wind and debris. The FI cover is a less common accessory but may offer aesthetic or protective functions for the fuel injection system, possibly suggesting a slight sporty or premium inclination in this model.

New paint scheme

Mechanical Specs:
By keeping the mechanics of the bike unchanged, TVS ensures continuity in performance and reliability, which are crucial factors for consumers. The 225.9cc engine is in the higher range for commuter bikes in India, and with its power output, it caters not just to everyday riders but also to enthusiasts who prefer a bit more power without venturing into the high-performance bike segment. The air/oil-cooled engine strikes a balance between efficiency and performance, suitable for varying Indian riding conditions.

Upgrades and Accessories

Market Positioning:
Overall, with the Ronin TD, TVS is likely aiming to capture a segment of the market that values both style and substance. The unchanged mechanical aspects mean that existing customers or those familiar with the bike’s reviews or performance won’t find surprises there, which can be reassuring. At the same time, the new features and special edition status may attract new buyers or convince those considering multiple options to choose the Ronin. The pricing, while higher due to the special edition nature, is still within a competitive range for its segment in the Indian market, considering the added aesthetic features and accessories.


  • Striking new Nimbus Grey paint scheme with red stripe
  • Blacked-out lower parts of the bike and headlamp bezel for a sporty look
  • USB charger, visor, and FI cover included as accessories
  • Great value for money, with a price tag of Rs. 1.73 lakh (ex-showroom)


  • Mechanically unchanged from the standard Ronin 225
  • Some buyers may find the new paint scheme too flashy


TVS, with the Ronin TD, reinforces its presence in a competitive motorcycle market like India by balancing familiarity with freshness and performance with convenience.

the launch of the TVS Ronin TD special edition in India is a strategic move by TVS Motor Company, capitalizing on the festive season’s market dynamics. This model distinguishes itself with unique aesthetic enhancements and practical accessories, catering to consumers who seek exclusivity and added value in their purchase without compromising on the known and expected performance characteristics of the original Ronin 225 model.

The special edition’s cosmetic upgrades, coupled with its standard mechanical reliability, meet both the emotional and rational considerations of buyers. By maintaining the engine specifications and performance, TVS ensures consistency for loyal customers while potentially attracting new clientele with the exclusive features of the Ronin TD.

Therefore, this approach by TVS underlines a common strategy in the automotive industry: offering special editions with advanced aesthetics and additional features to keep the product lineup fresh and appealing without making deep changes to the proven mechanical base. This not only optimizes development costs but also caters to a segment of buyers who are driven by exclusivity and the opportunity to own something unique, thereby nurturing brand affinity and customer loyalty.


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