Key points of the Full Throttle – The Schumacher Collection auction:

  • The auction is open for bidding until September 6, 2023.
  • The auction features 150 artefacts from Michael Schumacher’s career, assembled over a 30-year period.
  • The collection includes race-worn clothing and equipment, trophies, helmets, and other memorabilia.
  • One of the most notable items in the collection is the helmet that Schumacher wore during the 2002 Japanese and Hungarian Grand Prix weekends.
  • Another highlight of the collection is the four motorcycle helmets that Schumacher owned.
  • The auction is a unique opportunity to own a piece of history from one of the greatest Formula 1 drivers of all time.

Michael Schumacher

Sotheby’s currently presents an exciting auction titled “Full Throttle,” which began on August 16 and concludes on September 6, 2023. To anyone who appreciates motorsport, Michael Schumacher‘s racing career stands out as nothing short of iconic. From his karting days to the exhilarating Formula 1 races, his journey in motorsports is legendary.


The “Schumacher Collection” showcases 150 artefacts from the racing legend’s career. A passionate Japanese consignor, with a deep admiration for Formula 1 and Michael Schumacher, amassed this collection. It offers over 75 lots of race-worn clothing and equipment. These items span Schumacher’s initial karting days, his 1989 debut season in Formula 3, and his pinnacle moments in Formula 1.


One notable item stands out – the helmet Schumacher wore during the 2002 Japanese and Hungaria Grand Prix weekends.

Formula 1 

But there’s more! Four motorcycle helmets in the collection catch the eye. Schuberth, a renowned helmet manufacturer, made all four helmets, two from 2005 and two from 2013. Intriguingly, Schumacher also assisted Schuberth with testing for their SR1 model, underscoring his involvement beyond racing.

The crown jewel among these helmets? The one Schumacher wore atop a motorbike in 2005. This particular helmet currently holds a value ten times its counterparts. But, with the unpredictable nature of auctions, its value might surge even higher before the closing date.

This Sotheby’s auction doesn’t just offer memorabilia. It offers pieces of history, moments frozen in time, representing the legacy of one of motorsport’s greatest figures. Don’t miss this chance to witness or own a piece of Schumacher’s illustrious journey.


In the world of motorsport, few names shine as brightly as Michael Schumacher’s. This Sotheby’s auction offers fans and collectors a unique opportunity to own a piece of racing history. From race-worn clothing to helmets that have seen the heat of competition, each artefact tells a story of dedication, skill, and passion. As the auction draws to a close, we’re reminded of the lasting legacy of a racing legend. Don’t miss this chance to celebrate and honour the achievements of Michael Schumacher.

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