Renault has attempted to make an appealing proposition to customers during the festive season by launching the ‘Urban Night’ limited edition for the Kiger, Triber, and Kwid.

These editions typically capture attention due to their exclusivity and unique enhancements, and this seems to be no different. Here’s a brief breakdown based on the information provided:

Exterior Changes:

  • All Three Models: Stealth black exterior colour with Stardust Silver accents.
  • Kiger: Stardust Silver front and rear skid plates and puddle lamps.
  • Triber: Similar changes to Kiger but specifics not detailed.
  • Kwid: A more comprehensive revamp including a headlamp bezel, bumper garnish, piano black ORVMs (Outside Rear-View Mirrors), Stardust Silver roof rail inserts, a rear trunk chrome liner with Stardust Silver elements, and Stardust Silver Flex wheels.

Renault Kiger, Triber & Kwid Urban Night edition launched


Interior Enhancements (common across the models):

  • Ambient lighting: This would definitely add a premium touch to the interiors and create a more relaxing or luxurious atmosphere depending on the colour and intensity.
  • Illuminated scuff plates: Not only do these add a touch of sophistication when entering the vehicle, but they can also protect the door sills from scuffs and scratches.

Smart Mirror Monitor:

  • 9.66-inch colour screen: This is a substantial screen size for an interior rear-view mirror. It offers modern functionalities beyond the traditional mirror.
  • Adjustable view angles: It can be crucial in ensuring that the driver gets the best view of what’s behind, enhancing safety.
  • Front and rear camera recording: This function can act as a built-in dashcam, which can be very useful for insurance purposes, security, or just capturing scenic drives.
  • Wireless smartphone connectivity: Facilitating the transfer of recorded content to a smartphone is a convenient feature. It means that users can quickly save, share, or back up their footage.

Renault Kiger, Triber & Kwid Urban Night edition launched

Let’s break down the pros and cons of the ‘Urban Night’ limited edition versions of Renault’s Kiger, Triber, and Kwid:


Exclusive Aesthetics:

  • The stealth black exterior colour combined with Stardust Silver accents provides a distinctive and stylish look.
  • Special edition vehicles often have an allure of exclusivity, which can be appealing to many customers.

Interior Enhancements:

  • Ambient lighting adds a premium touch, enhancing the overall driving experience and comfort.
  • Illuminated scuff plates protect door sills and add an element of sophistication.

Advanced Technology:

  • The Smart Mirror Monitor with its large 9.66-inch colour screen serves multiple purposes, offering both functionality and modernity.
  • Adjustable view angles and front and rear camera recording can provide additional safety and convenience.
  • Wireless smartphone connectivity facilitates ease of content transfer and increases convenience.

Potential Resale Value:

  • Limited editions might retain value better or even appreciate depending on their rarity and market demand.


Potential Premium Pricing:

  • Limited editions often come at a premium cost compared to their standard counterparts.

Maintenance Concerns:

  •  The unique exterior and interior enhancements could potentially make replacements (in case of damage) more costly or time-consuming to source.

Limited Availability:

  •  Being a limited edition, not everyone who wants one may be able to purchase it.

Distracting Technology:

  • The 9.66-inch colour screen, while advanced, might be a distraction to some drivers. It’s crucial for drivers to familiarise themselves with such technology and use it responsibly.

Consistency Across Models:

  • While the Kiger and Triber have similar changes, the Kwid has additional exterior changes. This inconsistency might confuse or deter some customers who want uniformity across models.

Tech Learning Curve:

  • Not everyone is tech-savvy. Some drivers might find the advanced features overwhelming or complicated.


From the features listed, the ‘Urban Night’ edition caters to customers who value both aesthetics and technology in their vehicles. The addition of camera recording, especially, is a nod towards the growing popularity of dash cams in vehicles. All in all, these limited editions seem to offer a unique blend of style and functionality.


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