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Max Verstappen, the reigning Red Bull Formula 1 driver, was recently queried about the possibility of transitioning to a more “corporate” setting akin to Mercedes. This inquiry arises as Verstappen’s dominance, paralleling the era of Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes, continues with his potential third consecutive championship.

Red Bull

De Telegraaf posed the question: “Given the fit between you and Red Bull, could you envision yourself functioning within a more ‘corporate’ framework like Mercedes?”

Verstappen’s response underlines his commitment to authenticity and straightforwardness. He emphasized his essential identity must be maintained, regardless of the environment. He believes if a team genuinely seeks him in such a role, accommodations can be made, achieving a harmonious union.




He clarified the current scenario doesn’t warrant such a shift. Reflecting on his journey, Verstappen acknowledged he once aspired to Formula 1 and driving for a premier team, sentiments continue to drive him. He addressed the notion of his current accomplishments being perceived as monotonous and how he embraces both perspectives.

Asked about his motivation amid a streak of Red Bull’s 2023 grand prix victories, Verstappen dispelled the need for external impetus. He attributed this to the exceptional synergy within the team and the stimulating effect of an incredibly fast car.


This contrasted with his earlier experiences in karting, where outcomes were less predictable due to intense competition and potential errors. He candidly admitted to requiring occasional “wake-up calls” in the past, such as instances of lacklustre training sessions. However, he highlighted his personal evolution, culminating in improved discipline over time.

It will be interesting to see if Verstappen ever does move to Mercedes. He would be a major coup for the team, and it would be fascinating to see how he would fit in their more corporate environment.

Here are some of the pros and cons of Verstappen moving to Mercedes:


  • Verstappen would be joining a team that is already at the top of the Formula 1 grid.
  • He would have the opportunity to work with some of the best engineers and mechanics in the world.
  • Mercedes has a history of winning championships, and Verstappen would be a good fit for their team culture.


  • Verstappen would have to adjust to a more corporate environment.
  • He might not have as much freedom to express himself as he does at Red Bull.
  • Mercedes has a lot of pressure to win


In essence, Verstappen’s responses portray his unwavering self-assurance, keen self-awareness, and determination to retain his genuine self, irrespective of shifting team dynamics.

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