The article details an event at the Nurburgring, often called the “Green Hell” due to its challenging layout and forested surroundings, where Formula 1 cars were showcased after a long hiatus.

Here are the key takeaways

1. Red Bull’s Formula Nurburgring Celebration: Not since Michael Schumacher’s 2013 demo run has a Formula 1 car been showcased at the Nurburgring. This changed with Red Bull’s event, where two of their championship-winning cars were driven.

2. Drivers and Cars: Four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel drove his RB7, famously called “Kinky Kylie”. David Coulthard, a former Red Bull Racing driver, drove the RB8.


3. E-Fuels: A significant highlight of the event was the emphasis on e-fuels, which are synthetic fuels made to offer a sustainable alternative to traditional fuels. Both the F1 cars and several other racing machines at the event were powered by e-fuels.

 Sebastian Vettel Takes E-Fuel-Powered F1 Car Around The Nurburgring


4. Vettel’s Advocacy for Sustainability: Sebastian Vettel, towards the latter part of his F1 career, has been an advocate for sustainable racing. He has pushed for the adoption of eco-friendly practices in the sport, including the use of sustainable fuels for flypasts. He expressed his support for synthetic fuels, emphasizing that they offer the same driving experience without compromising the environment.

5. Other Attractions: Besides the F1 cars, the event saw other racing machines and known personalities in the motorsport world. Yuki Tsunoda drove a Honda NSX GT3 Evo, Ralf Schumacher showcased a BMW-powered Williams FW25-07, Jos Verstappen (father of Max Verstappen) was in Ford’s electric-powered Supervan 4.2, and Mathias Lauda drove his late father, Niki Lauda’s, Ferrari 312 B3-74.

 Sebastian Vettel Takes E-Fuel-Powered F1 Car Around The Nurburgring

F1 Races

6. Attendance: Despite the absence of F1 races in Germany since 2020, there was a strong crowd presence at the demo run, with over 60,000 attendees. The main draw, however, was not about setting lap times but the sheer experience of watching modern F1 cars tackle the iconic circuit.

The event signified not just the popularity and significance of F1 in the region, but also the growing trend towards sustainability in motorsport. The advocacy for e-fuels, especially by influential figures like Vettel, suggests a future direction for the sport that combines the thrill of racing with environmental responsibility.

 Sebastian Vettel Takes E-Fuel-Powered F1 Car Around The Nurburgring


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