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The automotive landscape in Europe is witnessing a transformative shift as electric vehicles (EVs) become an integral part of company fleets. Recognizing the intricate requirements of managing EV fleets and the administrative challenges it presents, Elli, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, has launched its innovative solution named ‘Elli Fleet Charging’. Catering to businesses across various European nations, this solution promises to redefine fleet charging management by offering efficiency, transparency, and adaptability.

Elli, a brand under the Volkswagen Group, is introducing its innovative solution for electric vehicle fleets across European countries, including Germany, Italy, Spain, and Austria. This solution, named Elli Fleet Charging, allows companies to manage and optimize their electric fleet charging.

Volkswagen Group

Electric vehicles (EVs)

Key Highlights

  • Elli Fleet Charging Popularity: After several months of its market introduction phase, over 650 companies in Germany have adopted Elli’s product.
  • Rise of Electric Vehicles in Europe: Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular among European fleets. One out of every seven company cars is now either fully or partially electric, which is a higher ratio compared to the general population. This growth is primarily driven by CO2 reduction goals and legal regulations.
  • Need for EV Fleet Management: Giovanni Palazzo, Elli CEO and SVP of Volkswagen Group Charging & Energy, emphasized that transitioning to electric mobility requires a shift in fleet management. Companies require a unified billing system that can cater to multiple charging scenarios, from public stations to private home chargers.

European fleets

  • Features of Elli Fleet Charging:
    • Efficiency and Transparency: Elli Fleet Charging offers a Fleet Management Console that ensures cost transparency and visibility 24/7.
    • Charging Locations: Company cars can be charged in public locations using one of the 560,000 charge points available in Europe. The software also supports home charging, with a smart Elli Charger Pro that facilitates automatic reimbursement for charging costs.
    • Installation & Maintenance: Elli collaborates with ChargeGuru to offer installation and maintenance services for the company-used chargers at home.
    • Future Plans: Starting in April, Elli Fleet Charging plans to offer workplace charging services, covering installation and maintenance for both standard and fast-charging stations at company locations.
  • Elli’s Vision: Palazzo outlined Elli’s mission to provide a smooth charging experience with the broader aim of decarbonizing society. Elli aspires to be a leading international provider of charging and energy solutions.

The benefits of Elli Fleet Charging include:

  • Comprehensive solution: Elli Fleet Charging covers all aspects of electric fleet charging management, from charging at public stations and at home to billing and reporting. This makes it a one-stop solution for companies with electric fleets.
  • Cost transparency: Elli Fleet Charging provides companies with complete cost transparency, so they can easily track and manage their charging costs. This can help companies to reduce their overall costs and make better decisions about their electric fleet operations.
  • Reduced administrative workload: Elli Fleet Charging automates many of the tasks involved in managing electric fleet charging, such as billing and reimbursement. This can free up company employees to focus on other tasks and reduce the overall administrative workload.

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Pros of Elli Fleet Charging:

  • A comprehensive solution that covers all aspects of electric fleet charging management
  • An integrated multi-national billing system that makes it easy to track and manage charging costs
  • Digital reimbursement system for at-home charging that simplifies the process for employees and employers alike
  • Installation and maintenance service for company-used chargers at home
  • Planned expansion to other European countries in the coming months
  • Backed by the resources and expertise of the Volkswagen Group

Cons of Elli Fleet Charging:

  • Relatively new product, so there may be some teething issues
  • Only available in Germany, Italy, Spain, and Austria at the time of writing
  • Pricing information is not publicly available, so it is difficult to compare costs to other solutions


The advent of Elli Fleet Charging underlines the rapid evolution and adoption of electric mobility in the European corporate world. By providing a comprehensive charging solution that caters to the multifaceted needs of companies, Elli is not only contributing to the operational efficiency of businesses but also reinforcing the commitment to a sustainable and decarbonized future. As EV adoption continues to grow, solutions like Elli Fleet Charging will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of corporate mobility in Europe.


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