Benelli’s plan to expand into the touring adventure class may be justified as a market leader in the production of cruiser motorcycles. 

The company has been known for producing high-quality motorcycles in the past. 

And with its acquisition by QJ Motor, Benelli has more than enough resources at its disposal to develop a competitive product.


It’s not the only thing that is missing, however. Benelli could add a new model to its range, one that would be aimed at the adventure touring market. 

While Benelli is undoubtedly the underdog in the European motorcycle game compared to rivals like BMW.We can still expect it to be at the forefront of adventure motorcycling when it finally does come on board. 

And that’s just what we’re here to talk about: What could the Benelli TRK800. The company’s third attempt at an adventure bike, bring to the table?

The upcoming Benelli TRK800 Adventure Bike also seems to have been specifically designed to fit larger riders. Making it a promising addition to the Benelli lineup. 

Details remain scarce for now, but we can still make some educated guesses. About the machine’s specific design direction and characteristics.

And this is because Benelli has already launched an SRB 750 in China, which is mid displacement tourer.

CFMoto 800MT

However, with this QJ-Benelli trend, we could see a new TRK800 Adventure Bike.

What’s more, the Chinese market already has the CFMoto 800MT, which may lock horns with the TRK800 Adventure Bike.

The 800MT gets the KTM engine, modern tech and gets a decent price tag in China.

So Benelli may not want to remain behind in the game. The QJ Motor SRB750, or the rebadged Benelli TRK800, arrives with a liquid-cooled, fuel-injected parallel-twin motor 752cc engine that makes 75 hp and 50 ft-lbs torque.

via Bennetts


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