Will Haojue UHR150 be the next Suzuki Burgman 150?

 Will Haojue UHR150 be the next Suzuki Burgman 150?

If Suzuki wants to outsell the PCX and NMAX using quality and performance, there’s nothing wrong with it. Those two scooters have proved to be a powerful weapons. 

Because those two have been very popular in the scooter segment in Southeast Asia. 

Of course, Suzuki will have to make some adjustments for design and some new options or accessories that will help Burgman 150 distinguish itself from others. 

Haojue UHR150, on which Burgman 150 will ride, has been developed based on market demand at first.

Win the market does not mean dominating the market. It is quite different. Because currently, Suzuki’s scooters are still impressive with many variants, themes, and engines. 

But if the PCX and the NMAX will connect with the 150 cc engine, it may be worth considering for Suzuki to develop the Haojue UHR150 into a new Burgman someday.

Burgman 150

Haojue UHR150 is identical to PCX.The shape of the headlamp can be said to have a classical sense. The form is similar to the “eyelet” line. No matter from the top or bottom, it looks very gentle.

And the addition of the surroundings also makes the two lamps look different. It seems like a powerful light comes out of it. Closer, it will be even more distinctive.

Some of the most highly valued bikes today are scooters. These scooters are an upgraded version that you used to see on public roads everywhere. 

With new technology, safe designs and plenty of styles, you’ll find no trouble falling in love with the newest Suzuki Burgman 150. 

The Bugman 150 will get the liquid cool 150cc engine with a USB charge connector, ABS, 14-inch alloy wheels, full digital console and a smart key.

To understand why the Haojue UHR150 can be transformed into the Suzuki Burgman 150, you should look back to what happened before. Haojue cooperated with Suzuki. They formed a joint venture to produce the motorcycles. 

There is no official word on the 2022 Burgman 150. However, we can’t underestimate the possibilities.

via Motorida


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