Yamaha Ray ZR 125

Yamaha has taken a significant step in globalizing its product range by introducing the Ray ZR 125 scooter to the European market in the year 2024. This move comes after the model’s successful run in the Indian market since 2021. The Yamaha RayZR 125 Fi-Hybrid, as it will be known in Europe, is set to debut in 2023 and is already generating interest with its range of vibrant colour options and the promise of Yamaha’s reliable performance in a lightweight package.

Lightweight Scooter

The company has officially introduced the Ray ZR 125 to the European market, a move that marks the scooter’s international expansion beyond its established presence in India since 2021. This lightweight and agile scooter is set to take European roads by storm as the 2024 Yamaha RayZR 125 Fi-Hybrid. With its competitive pricing and a selection of vibrant colours tailored for the European taste, the Ray ZR 125 is poised to become a favoured choice for riders looking for an efficient and stylish urban commuting option.

Top key points of the Yamaha Ray ZR 125 for the European market:

  • 125cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine with fuel injection
  • 8bhp and 10.3Nm
  • Weighs just 99kg, making it the lightest scooter from Yamaha in Europe
  • Matte Red and Midnight Black paint schemes only
  • Sporty design and bodywork
  • Combined braking system
  • Side-stand cut off
  • Semi-digital instrument cluster
  • Telescopic forks and rear spring suspension
  • Disc brake at the front and drum brake at the rear
  • 12-inch front and 10-inch rear wheels with tubeless tyres
  • European pricing has not yet been revealed

MT-Inspired Design

Additional notes:

  • The Yamaha Ray ZR 125 is a scooterised version of the MT series with the ‘air scoops’ and edgy design.
  • The scooter is exported from India to Europe.
  • The scooter costs Rs 84,730, ex-showroom, Delhi.

The European variant, known as the Yamaha RayZR 125 Fi-Hybrid, will make its debut in 2023 and comes with an array of colour options including Cyan Blue, Matt Red, Metallic Black, Racing Blue, Reddish Yellow Cocktail, and a special Moto GP Edition.

Praised for its lightweight frame, the Ray ZR 125 becomes the lightest Yamaha scooter available in Europe. It retains the 125cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine with fuel injection that’s capable of producing 8 bhp and 10.3 Nm of torque. Yamaha has set the European pricing at 990 euros, offering a competitive edge in the market.

European Scooter

Despite its international expansion, Yamaha has made minimal changes to the scooter, maintaining the features that have made it popular in India. This strategic move by Yamaha indicates confidence in the universal appeal of the Ray ZR 125’s design and performance. European riders can now experience the same agility and efficiency that Indian riders have appreciated for years.

Pros of Yamaha Ray ZR 125:

  • Lightweight Design: At just 99kg, the Ray ZR 125 is the lightest Yamaha scooter in Europe, offering easy handling and manoeuvrability.
  • Engine Efficiency: The 125cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine with fuel injection is both reliable and offers good performance with 8 bhp and 10.3 Nm of torque.
  • Fuel Economy: The combination of a light frame and an efficient engine typically leads to better fuel economy, making it a cost-effective option for daily commuting.
  • Design Aesthetics: With design cues taken from the MT series, the scooter has an edgy and modern look, complete with ‘air scoops’ that appeal to younger demographics.
  • Colour Options: The European model offers a variety of attractive colour schemes, including a special Moto GP Edition, allowing riders to choose a scooter that reflects their personal style.
  • Safety Features: The inclusion of a combined braking system and a side-stand cut-off feature adds to the scooter’s safety profile.
  • Affordability: With a price set at 990 euros, it is positioned as an affordable option in the European scooter market.

Fuel-Efficient Scooter

Cons of Yamaha Ray ZR 125:

  • Limited Color Choices in Europe: Unlike the Indian market which enjoys a wide array of colours, the European market has a more limited selection.
  • Lack of Changes for the International Model: The scooter hasn’t undergone significant changes for the international market, which might not appeal to those looking for region-specific features.
  • Performance: While 8 bhp is sufficient for city commuting, it may not satisfy those looking for a more powerful engine for high-speed riding or highway use.
  • Suspension Setup: The standard telescopic forks and rear spring might not offer the most comfortable ride on rougher European roads compared to more advanced suspension systems.
  • Storage Space: As with many scooters, storage space may be limited, which could be an issue for those needing to carry more than a helmet or small personal items.
  • Availability of Parts and Service: As a new introduction to the market, the availability of parts and service outside of India may initially be more limited.
  • Competition: The European scooter market is highly competitive, and the Ray ZR 125 may face stiff competition from established brands with more advanced features.


The Yamaha Ray ZR 125 will face stiff competition in the European market, where there are several established 125cc scooters. Based on a list of the top 125cc scooters available in 2023, the competitors for Yamaha’s offering could include:

  • Lexmoto Titan (Priced at £1,999): Known for its budget-friendly offerings and adequate performance for its price range, offering a balance of specs and style.
  • Sym Jet (Priced at £2,699): A Taiwanese brand that stands out for its sporty styling, decent handling, and a variety of specifications available to suit different budgets.
  • Piaggio Liberty 125 (Priced at £2,800): This Italian scooter offers a combination of practicality, style, and value with big wheels that provide stability, especially on uneven road surfaces.
  • Kymco Agility City+ 125 (Priced at £2,959): Another Taiwanese brand that offers near-Japanese quality with a price that competes with Chinese-made scooters.
  • Suzuki Burgman 125 (Priced at £2,999): Known for being roomy and comfortable, this maxi-scooter offers a luxurious and slick riding experience.
  • Honda PCX125 (Priced at £3,599): Honda’s scooter is famous for its reliability and is a common sight in many European cities, serving as a practical commuter vehicle.
  • Yamaha NMAX (Priced at £3,775): Another entry from Yamaha itself, the NMAX provides a premium all-rounder experience with modern features.
  • Honda Forza 125 (Priced at £5,149): This Honda model offers a premium riding experience with higher-end features and a reputation for long-term reliability.
  • Yamaha XMAX 125 (Priced at £5,350): A more expensive sibling to the Ray ZR 125, the XMAX is known for its luxury and advanced features.


The launch of the Yamaha Ray ZR 125 in Europe is a significant step for Yamaha, showcasing the brand’s commitment to catering to diverse markets while maintaining the core attributes of its vehicles. The Ray ZR 125 combines practicality with pleasure, offering European riders the chance to enjoy the same dependability and performance that have already won over the Indian market. With its arrival in 2023, the Yamaha Ray ZR 125 is set to redefine expectations for lightweight scooters in Europe.

With the Ray ZR 125, Yamaha has seamlessly bridged the gap between the Indian and European markets, showcasing the model’s international appeal. By maintaining the core characteristics that made the scooter a hit in India, Yamaha is all set to replicate its success in Europe. The Ray ZR 125’s lightweight design, combined with its efficient engine, positions it as an attractive option for European riders seeking a reliable and stylish urban commuting solution. Yamaha’s commitment to accessibility and performance continues to drive its expansion, and the European launch of the Ray ZR 125 is a testament to the brand’s global vision.


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