2019 FTR1200 Street Tracker by Indian Motorcycle showcased at Intermot 2018

 2019 FTR1200 Street Tracker by Indian Motorcycle showcased at Intermot 2018

The much awaited FTR 1200 Street Tracker is displayed at INTERMOT 2018.

Noting the calls of many, the FTR 1200 generation motorcycle is outwardly near the FTR1200 Concept we saw a while back, and it will come in two flavors: the base model Indian FTR1200, and the up-spec Indian FTR1200 S as shown below.







The Indian FTR1200 takes its motivation from the Indian FTR750 Scout race motorcycle that is overwhelming the American Flat Track arrangement, and in the process puts up the organization’s first non-cruiser bike for sale to the public.

FTR 1200 Phenomenon 

The Indian FTR1200 works off two things: outwardly, it takes its tasteful from Indian’s 750cc level track race motorcycle, and physically it is an advancement of the Scout cruiser stage. Try not to let that trick you however, while the water-cooled, 1,203cc, 60°, v-twin motor looks fundamentally the same as the one utilized on the Scout, it is an altogether unique engine.

The majority of this converts into a pinnacle drive figure of 120hp (8,250 rpm) and a pinnacle torque figure of 85 lbs•ft (6,000 rpm), which is adjusted through a six-speed close-proportion gearbox with a slip/help grasp.

Likewise, the FTR1200 motor is considerably lighter than its cruising kin’s capacity plant. It additionally has a substantially higher pressure proportion (12.5:1), an alternate crankshaft (which is 10 lbs lighter), a bigger bore (102mm), unique cases, and an alternate swingarm rotate on the motor case.

While the fundamentals are the equivalent for the two trim levels, the bikes vary on hardware and suspension.

Electronic Package

The Indian FTR1200 has three riding modes (Sport, Standard, and Rain), Bosch cornering ABS, and IMU-fueled footing control (with soundness control and wheelie control worked in to the calculation), also a shading 4.3″ TFT contact board dash that can be refreshed after some time. The S display likewise has completely movable Sachs suspension for and rearward. It tips the scales at 489 lbs (dry).


Holding things together is a tubular steel case and swingarm, which appends a 19″ front haggle raise wheel to the bike, which helps keep the machine’s look outwardly like a level track race motorcycle. Toss in Dunlop’s new road lawful DT3-R level track tires, which have the essential speed square example, and you have every one of the makings for a nice looking road tracker.

Then again, the FTR1200 base model has a more fundamental simple speedometer, standard ABS, and Sachs suspension that has no modification abilities at the forks, while the back stun has movable preload and bounce back settings. The FTR1200 base model tips the scales at 488 lbs (dry), one pound lighter than the FTR1200 S display.

The two bikes have LED lighting all around, a 3.4 gallon fuel tank that is found principally under the seat, Brembo brakes on each wheel, with double 320mm non-drifting plates in advance, mated to four-cylinder M4.32 calipers.

This makes the present news about the Indian FTR1200 an essential advance for the American brand, as it moves from being a legacy centered cruiser mark, to a more strong place of American bikes.

Pricing / Availability 

As is getting to be basic place, Indian will put up two specs of this machine for sale to the public, at two diverse value focuses. All things considered, the 2019 Indian FTR1200 will retail for $12,999 MSRP and come just in dark. Alternately, the 2019 Indian FTR1200 S will have three price plans, and will begin at $14,999 MSRP – however it will be a cool $15,999 MSRP for the race copy paint.

With its introduction at INTERMOT, it ought to be clear that Indian anticipates offering the FTR1200 around the world, with Europe maybe be the biggest market for the road tracker. We can likewise anticipate that the FTR1200 stage will sire other non-cruiser models from Indian, with the bikes’s super-level torque giving an amazing premise to other model composes.













Source : Indian Motorcycles

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