2020 Kawasaki Z900, New vs Old, price, release date and more

 2020 Kawasaki Z900, New vs Old, price, release date and more

The EICMA 2019 saw the new Kawasaki Z900. Good news now is it gets two separate tunings one gets the power up to 125 hp and the slightly lower gets 95 hp of power.

Four different driving modes including two power modes are new compared to the earlier version. However, now we have more information on the new Kawasaki Z900 as the price and release date was under the hood.

In Japan, we may see two paint schemes Senna Gray Green and Chinakuro Red. However, there are four more paint schemes Metallic spark black / Metallic flat spark black, Metallic sparkle / Metallic spark black, Candy lime green / Metallic spark black and Pearl blizzard white / Metallic spark black. We feel they are for Europe.

But first lets compare.

New Vs Old

  • Meter: Full color / Monochrome
  • Smartphone linkage: Yes / No 
  • Headlight: LED / Halogen
  • Winker: LED / Bulb
  • Sheet: Thick / Thin
  • Tires: Dunlop SPORTMAX Roadsport 2 / Dunlop D214 (SPORTMAX Roadsport)
  • Tracon: 3 modes / None
  • Riding mode: 3 modes / None
  • Power mode: Yes / No


Release date in Japan

Release date in Japan is mid January 2020.


  • Current model in Japan: 968,000 yen
  • JP2020 (expected): 1,000,600 yen
  • UK2019: £ 8,549 → ‭1,209,087.89
  • UK2020: £ 8,899 → 1,258,588.51

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