It does look like Jawa has already started to test the new Jawa 42.

Recently caught the leaked photos of the upcoming Jawa.


 At present Jawa Motorcycles has three variants under its portfolio.

  • Jawa (Classic version of Jawa)
  • Forty-Two ( A more urban-oriented variant) and 
  • Perak ( Bobber style single-seat variant)

We observe from the leaked photos of the Jawa 42 is spoke wheels get substituted by alloy wheels.

Now it does mean it will also feature tubeless tyres.

Further, the stainless steel colour exhaust gets substituted by black colour exhaust pipes.

The same applies to the rear springs and front forks. The picture also shows a small neat and tidy windshield with a cool pillion grab rail.

We don’t see any change in the performance specs or design as Jawa has already amended the Jawa 42 to BS6 compliant. 

The 293cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cool motor calibrates to 27bhp and 27.05Nm of peak torque. The Jawa 42 arrives in two flavours a dual-channel and single-channel ABS.

We could see this variant as dual-channel ABS.

Image Source: Autocar India


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