The much-anticipated 249.8 cc In-Line Four-cylinder engine is the most compact and influential in the 250 cc class. This increases torque at high rpm so that excellent top-end performance is achieved without sacrificing low- to mid-range power. The high and mid-torque characteristics are also retained even under engine loads, providing smooth acceleration with a linear feeling of power delivery.

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Why Kawasaki ZX-25R?

You probably already know this machine if you are researching and analyzing the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R. You know about its advanced electronics package, robust suspension, quick shifter, aggressive looks, and spectacular engine performance. 

People worldwide are beginning to discover that the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R is a bike that cannot ignore. Its raw Power and advanced racing pedigree allow it to compete with bikes above its weight class.


What do you do when you’re faced with only 250 cc’s worth of displacement but can’t get enough high-rpm Power? Easy: You squeeze more juice out of every single cubic centimetre. 

Throw in a sporty 16-valve design and carbon/ceramic composite brake discs, and you’ve got the recipe for a legendary performance.


That’s not the case with the new 2023 Kawasaki ZX-25R

Don’t be fooled by its 250 cc designation; Kawasaki’s new Ninja® ZX-25R is far more than that. This supersport machine delivers legendary Ninja performance in a no-nonsense, high-value package that will please any rider who demands the best.

Lightweight. High Torque. High-Precision Engine. Kawasaki’s legendary 250 cc In-Line Four engine has evolved into an even more powerful machine, increasing torque to maintain this high-performance pedigree of voluminous acceleration and enhanced drivability as the rpm rises.

It is the true definition of a sportbike. With sleek design lines and a high-quality finish, this bike will make you feel like riding it in the Grand Prix or the Isle of Man. 

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R Video

What’s new in the 2023 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R?

Ninja ZX-25R has been refreshed with a host of new features. The unique addition of LED turn signals and TFT Colour Instrumentation with Circuit mode and smartphone connectivity. 

Recent additions include the two unique versions of Ninja ZX-10R rear suspension (RR), adjustable front suspension (RR), and quick shifter (SE & RR).


  • Ninja ZX-25R ABS SE arrives at Rp 123,500,000 (close to INR 6.62 lakh) whereas 
  • ZX-25RR costs Rp 129,900,000 (close to INR 6.97 lakh).


  • High-revving 249.8cc in-line four engine
  • Nimble supersport-style handling
  • High-performance suspension and brake components
  • TFT instrumentation with circuit mode and smartphone connectivity
  • High-grade electronics and features and
  • Apex-predator styling


Design and Styling

The 2023 Ninja ZX-25R is patterned after its earlier counterpart. However, there have been some fine tweaks made to its design. The base model is available in a Metallic Spark Black colour-scheme, which looks aggressive and dynamic.

Kawasaki’s Ninja ZX-25R ABS SE arrives in two new colour options with the addition of Metallic Matte Graphene Steel Gray and Candy Persimmon Red to its existing roster. Top-spec Ninja ZX-25RR is probably the one to look at, as it gets Kawasaki Racing Team livery in Lime Green shade.

Comparison with the outgoing model

Another revolutionary change in the design of the 2023 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R is the introduction of a fully digital TFT instrument console. At the same time, the 2022 model had a semi-digital instrument console.

The digital console of the Ninja ZX-25R features an LCD screen which displays a plethora of information, including average and current fuel consumption, average and current speed, instant/average acceleration, maximum rpm, ambient temperature, digital gear position indicator, digital lap times, a lap counter and digital tachometer.

While the new 2023 model arrives with an upswept exhaust, there aren’t any critical changes to the bike. Other features include decals, a split seat design, a split LED headlight, a compact visor, and sporty graphics.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R follows the path of many sport bikes, featuring a Trellis frame, USD front forks and mono-shock rear suspension. 

At the same time, the top-end variant gets additional adjustability options. The attention to detail for the ZX-25R has not been lost either. As one looks at it and it’s easy to see that this is a model designed and engineered to perform.

Comparison of 2023 ZX-25R variants
Central Ram AirCentral Ram AirCentral Ram Air
ø37 mm SFF-BP front suspensionø37 mm SFF-BP front suspensionNEW ø37 mm SFF-BP front suspension with adjustable preload
Horizontal Back-link rear suspensionHorizontal Back-link rear suspensionNEW Horizontal Back-link rear suspension with BFRC lite shock
ø310 mm semi-floating disc with radial-mount calliperø310 mm semi-floating disc with radial-mount calliperø310 mm semi-floating disc with radial-mount calliper
NEW TFT instrumentation with Circuit ModeNEW TFT instrumentation with Circuit ModeNEW TFT instrumentation with Circuit Mode
NEW Smartphone connectivityNEW Smartphone connectivityNEW Smartphone connectivity
Kawasaki Traction ControlKawasaki Traction ControlKawasaki Traction Control
Power Mode selectionPower Mode selectionPower Mode selection
 Dual-direction Kawasaki Quick ShifterDual-direction Kawasaki Quick Shifter
 Special Edition graphicsKRT Edition graphics


Kawasaki’s compact new 249.8 cc liquid-cooled DOHC In-Line Four engine is the only one in the 250cc class. Developed with feedback from other Ninja ZX models, the high-performance engine offers class-leading Power and a rev range that extends beyond 17,000 rpm.

The Ninja ZX-25R’s In-Line Four engine – the key to its exhilarating riding impact – delivers performance that eclipses the rest of the 250cc field: Power is a class-leading 36.8 kW (50 PS=49 HP) and 22.9 Nm of peak torque.

It offers linear power delivery, facilitating in-town operation (at low rpm), and it continues to climb well beyond the rev range of a 250cc Twin. The engine feels particularly good in the range from 10,000 to just over 17,000 rpm, making it ideal for sport or track riding.


Electronic Throttle Valves (ETV) provide smooth, natural engine response and facilitate the use of Kawasaki electronic rider support systems like traction control, selectable power modes and dual-direction quick-shifter, allowing riders to feel more at one with their machine.

A trademark feature of Kawasaki’s Ninja ZX models, the centrally positioned Ram Air duct system, designed with feedback from the Ninja H2, improves filling efficiency, contributing to increased engine performance.

Race-inspired clutch technology offers a back-torque limiting function and light feels at the lever.

The Ninja ZX-25R’s intake and exhaust notes were carefully crafted to add to the exhilarating experience of piloting a high-performance Kawasaki In-Line Four. The mileage is around 25 kmpl.

Electronic package

A choice of Full Power or Low Power modes allows riders to set power delivery to suit preference and conditions. Full Power will enable riders to enjoy the unadulterated performance of the In-Line Four engine. Low Power prioritizes manageability, offering power delivery and throttle response optimized for less-than-perfect weather and road conditions.

Allowing riders to take even more advantage of the Ninja ZX-25R’s exhilarating engine character, the quick shifter – a first for the 250cc class – enables clutchless upshifts and downshifts for seamless acceleration and quick and easy deceleration. Further, not using the clutch repeatedly significantly contributes to rider comfort when riding in the city.


Key chassis dimensions (centre of gravity position, swingarm pivot position, engine axis positions, caster angle) were inspired by Kawasaki’s World Superbike Ninja ZX-10RR racer, bringing WSBK chassis design thinking to the 250cc class.

Designed using Kawasaki’s advanced dynamic rigidity analysis, the lightweight trellis frame delivers the required balance of strength and chassis flex to achieve the Ninja ZX-25R’s nimble supersport-style handling. 

The long-style arched-design swingarm provides the required balance of rigidity. It flexes while enabling the short silencer to be positioned more centrally (benefitting mass centralization) and contributing to stylish, sporty looks.


The Ninja ZX-25R’s ø37 mm inverted fork uses SFF-BP (Separate Function Fork – Big Piston) internals.

Combining the concepts of Showa SFF and BPF, this advanced fork offers both racetrack performance and everyday usability. At the rear, Horizontal Back-link rear suspension offers a progressive character that contributes to the bike’s supersport-style handling. Both make their debut in the 250cc class.


Large-diameter front disc gripped by a radial-mount monobloc calliper and complemented by a large-diameter rear disc offer strong stopping power and deliver superb brake touch, helping riders set precise corner speeds on the track and facilitating control when navigating city traffic.


Dunlop GPR300 radial tyres offer light weight, excellent grip in various conditions, and contribute to agile handling and riding comfort.

Naturally, aggressive riding puts the rider in a position to take full advantage of the Ninja ZX-25R’s nimble supersport-style handling. The fuel tank feels slim between the rider’s legs, promoting good contact with the bike. The shape of the firm seat cushion facilitates rider weight shift during sport or track riding and allows riders to spend long hours in the saddle.

Special edition features

In addition to original colour and graphics (and in some cases, a coloured frame), Special Edition ABS models are equipped with several accessories that fit standard: Dual-direction KQS, pillion seat cover, smoked windshield, frame sliders, and wheel rim tape.


  • It boasts multiple goodies and 49 hp power.
  • Introduction of various variants like ZX-25R, ZX-25R ABS SE and ZX-25RR

Not so good

  • As the Indian market is price-sensitive, Kawasaki will have to think as the price starts from Rs 6.62 Lakhs because their competitors are taking a fair leap above this price.


It has the upper hand on Honda CBR250RR as it makes 38 hp while ZX-25R makes 49 hp, while the Yamaha YZF 25 makes 35.5 hp. At the same time, Ninja 250 produces 38.46 hp.

India launch and conclusion

The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R is an uncommon bike, and more importantly, one that’s not currently expected to be launched in India. When it does arrive, it will take its place among the high-performance supersport motorcycles. This bike boasts incredible acceleration and Power to make it fast on track rides. 

It isn’t just the latest update to the Ninja line; the 25R is a bike that can change its rider’s life in more ways than one. It is the reason this motorcycle refers to as a speciality vehicle. It is made for individuals seeking a unique experience on the racetrack, with a fantastic set of features adding to its appeal.


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