2024 Indian Challenger Elite

Embarking on a new era of motorcycling excellence, the 2024 Indian Challenger Elite rides into the spotlight, commanding attention with its blend of classic ‘bagger’ charisma and cutting-edge updates. As the latest iteration of Indian Motorcycle’s commitment to performance and luxury, the Challenger Elite stands as a testament to the brand’s relentless pursuit of riding perfection.

With its robust 121bhp engine, plush electronically adjustable suspension, and a suite of advanced technologies, this bike is engineered to deliver an unmatched road experience. The 2024 update introduces an enticing ‘Charcoal Candy’ paint scheme and a sonorous enhancement to its audio system, setting a new standard for both aesthetics and acoustic pleasure.

Indian Motorcycle Updates

Key Points on “Indian Challenger Elite updated for 2024”

  • The Indian Challenger Elite is a high-end bagger motorcycle that has been updated for 2024.
  • The bike remains technically unchanged, with the same 121bhp engine, electronically adjustable suspension, and Smart Lean Technology.
  • However, the 2024 Challenger Elite features a new “Charcoal Candy” paint scheme and a redesigned PowerBand Audio system with four 100-watt speakers.
  • Indian says the new PowerBand Audio system will be fitted to select bagger and touring models straight from the factory in 2024, and can also be retrofitted to 2020-2024 Indian motorcycles.
  • The rest of the Indian motorcycle range for 2024 is largely unchanged, with the addition of the new Indian FTR 100% Carbon model.

Bagger Motorcycle Class

The 2024 Indian Challenger Elite has emerged as a pinnacle of the ‘bagger’ motorcycle class, boasting updates that are set to thrill riding enthusiasts and audiophiles alike. Indian Motorcycle, maintaining the technical prowess of the Challenger Elite, preserves the powerful 121bhp engine and the luxuriously smooth electronically adjustable Fox rear suspension that riders have come to adore.

The bike retains its suite of advanced features, including Smart Lean Technology, an array of LED lighting with an adaptive headlight, an adjustable windscreen, and the convenience of rider and passenger floorboards, heated grips, and saddlebag lights. Riders can tailor their riding experience with three selectable modes: ‘Tour’, ‘Standard’, and ‘Sport’.

PowerBand Audio System

The visual allure of the 2024 model radiates from its new ‘Charcoal Candy’ paint scheme, which cloaks this super-exclusive bagger in sophistication. Indian Motorcycle has decided to craft 325 units of the 2024 Challenger Elite, increasing its accessibility without diluting its rare appeal.

The most resonant upgrade comes in the form of the revamped PowerBand Audio system. The 2024 Challenger Elite now houses a quartet of 100-watt speakers—two nestled in the fairing and two more in the saddlebags. This system promises a sonic experience of higher volume, richer clarity, and deeper bass, setting the stage for an unparalleled auditory ride.

Indian Motorcycle has not limited this acoustic enhancement to the Challenger Elite; it extends the updated PowerBand Audio system across select bagger and touring models starting from the factory line in 2024. Moreover, they offer riders of the 2020-2024 model years the option to retrofit their bikes with this state-of-the-art system.

Charcoal Candy Paint

Beyond these exciting updates, the Indian Motorcycle range for 2024 remains steadfast in quality, with the addition of the Indian FTR 100% Carbon, further solidifying its commitment to innovation and excellence.

As we look towards the new year, the 2024 Indian Challenger Elite stands ready, painting the highways with its ‘Charcoal Candy’ elegance and filling the air with the robust melody of its enhanced audio system, promising a ride that’s as thrilling to the ears as it is to the soul.

The 2024 Indian Challenger Elite brings with it a host of benefits that cater to both the performance enthusiast and the luxury seeker in the motorcycle community. Here’s a closer look at the advantages this updated model offers:

  • Enhanced Riding Experience: The bike’s 121bhp engine and electronically adjustable Fox rear suspension combine to deliver a powerful and smooth ride. Whether cruising on the highway or navigating twisty back roads, the Challenger Elite adapts to provide comfort and control.
  • Advanced Technology: Equipped with Smart Lean Technology, adaptive LED lighting, and an adjustable windscreen, the Challenger Elite integrates technology that not only enhances safety but also contributes to a more intuitive riding experience.
  • Customizable Ride Modes: With three selectable riding modes—’Tour’, ‘Standard’, and ‘Sport’—riders can customize the bike’s performance to suit their riding style and the conditions of their journey.
  • Upgraded Audio System: The introduction of the updated PowerBand Audio system with 100 Watt speakers ensures high-quality sound. This means riders can enjoy clearer, louder, and more bass-heavy music, even at highway speeds, enhancing the overall enjoyment of long rides.
  • Exclusive Aesthetics: The new ‘Charcoal Candy’ paint scheme elevates the bike’s appearance, offering riders a unique and stylish look that stands out among other motorcycles.
  • Increased Accessibility: By producing 325 units for 2024, Indian Motorcycle makes this exclusive model more accessible to enthusiasts around the world while maintaining its rarity.
  • Versatility and Comfort: The inclusion of heated grips, saddlebag lights, and floorboards for both rider and passenger emphasizes comfort and convenience, making long-distance rides more enjoyable.
  • Factory-Fitted Custom Features: The 2024 model comes with factory-fitted custom features that would typically require aftermarket upgrades, saving riders time and money while ensuring quality and compatibility.
  • Retrofittable Audio System: Owners of Indian Motorcycle models from 2020 to 2024 can upgrade their bikes with the new audio system, extending the benefits of the 2024 enhancements to a broader range of Indian motorcycles.
  • Expansion of Range: The addition of the Indian FTR 100% Carbon to the 2024 lineup showcases Indian Motorcycle’s dedication to offering diverse options that cater to different rider preferences and styles.

Motorcycle Riding Modes

Collectively, these benefits signify Indian Motorcycle’s dedication to providing riders with a premium, high-performance, and highly desirable machine that resonates with the legacy and future vision of the brand.


  • Powerful engine with 121bhp
  • Electronically adjustable suspension for a smooth ride
  • Smart Lean Technology for improved handling and safety
  • Full LED lighting with adaptive headlight
  • Adjustable windscreen for comfort in all conditions
  • Rider and passenger floorboards for a comfortable riding position
  • Heated grips for warmth in cold weather
  • Saddlebag lights and saddlebag closeouts for a clean look
  • Three selectable riding modes to suit different conditions
  • New “Charcoal Candy” paint scheme for a unique look
  • Redesigned PowerBand Audio system with four 100-watt speakers for superior sound quality


  • High price tag
  • Relatively heavy weight
  • Some riders have reported issues with the electronically adjustable suspension
  • Smart Lean Technology can be intrusive at times
  • New PowerBand Audio system is only available on select models


As the journey with the 2024 Indian Challenger Elite comes to a close, it’s clear that Indian Motorcycle continues to ride ahead of the curve. This updated Elite model not only promises the reliability and performance that riders have come to expect but also offers an auditory and visual treat that heightens the sense of exclusivity and enjoyment.

With its increased production run and the introduction of the Indian FTR 100% Carbon to the family, Indian Motorcycle ensures that the spirit of innovation and the joy of riding carry forward into 2024 and beyond. The Indian Challenger Elite isn’t just a motorcycle; it’s a moving symphony, a canvas of the road, and a beacon for the future of ‘bagger’ class luxury.


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