Vmoto APD Concept Pininfarina EICMA 2023-2.

Vmoto APD Concept

Vmoto, in collaboration with the legendary design house Pininfarina, has made waves in the electric mobility world with the debut of their APD Concept at EICMA 2023. Marking a strategic pivot from their staple of compact scooters, Vmoto is venturing boldly into the realm of electric maxi scooters. This concept not only signals a significant expansion for Vmoto but also injects a fresh, aerodynamically-focused vision into the electric vehicle (EV) market, an area ripe for innovation. With the APD Concept, Vmoto is setting the stage for a new chapter in sustainable urban transportation, blending performance with the elegance of Italian design.

Electric Maxi Scooter

Key points of the Vmoto and Pininfarina APD Concept:

  • Electric maxi scooter
  • Aerodynamic design to extend range
  • Generous saddle and optional storage compartments
  • Partnership with Pininfarina, a world-renowned design firm
  • Expected to enter production in the near future

Sustainable Urban Transport

Vmoto and Pininfarina unveiled the APD Concept at EICMA 2023, signalling Vmoto’s exciting leap into the electric maxi scooter segment. This move is a step away from their usual range of smaller scooters and directly challenges the sparse electric maxi scooter market, where the BMW CE-04 has been the most recognizable name. The APD Concept stands out with its aerodynamic prowess, dubbed “The Power of the Air,” a feature that is critical for EVs to maximize their range by cutting through wind resistance more efficiently.


Pininfarina Design Collaboration

The collaboration between Vmoto and the esteemed design firm Pininfarina has culminated in a scooter that’s not just aesthetically pleasing but also innovative and high-performing. It merges Vmoto’s advanced electric technology with Pininfarina’s iconic Italian design, setting a new benchmark in the electric scooter landscape.

Graziano Milone, Vmoto’s International President of Strategy and Business Development and Chief Managing Officer expressed his enthusiasm at the fair, noting the pride and extraordinary results stemming from their partnership with Pininfarina. Although Vmoto has yet to announce a specific launch date, the anticipation is building for the production model that will evolve from the APD Concept. Scooter enthusiasts and EV supporters alike are eagerly awaiting the chance to see and experience the final product.

EICMA Motorcycle Showcase

Introducing the APD Concept electric maxi scooter offers several benefits to Vmoto:

  • Diversification: Entering the electric maxi scooter segment allows Vmoto to diversify its product line and tap into new customer bases that are looking for larger, more powerful electric scooters.
  • Brand Prestige: Collaborating with Pininfarina, a design house known for its high-quality and aesthetically superior designs, enhances Vmoto’s brand image as a purveyor of premium, well-designed products.
  • Market Leadership: By venturing into a relatively unoccupied niche of electric maxi scooters, Vmoto positions itself as a pioneer in this segment, potentially capturing market share early and establishing itself as a leader.
  • Technological Showcasing: The APD Concept is a platform for Vmoto to showcase its advancements in electric scooter technology, which can enhance its reputation for innovation and potentially drive sales across its product range.
  • Response to Consumer Demand: There is a growing demand for sustainable and efficient urban transport solutions. Offering an electric maxi scooter meets this demand and aligns Vmoto with consumer trends towards greener transportation.
  • Regulatory Advantage: As cities worldwide continue to impose stricter emissions regulations, Vmoto’s electric maxi scooter would be well-positioned to appeal to consumers looking for compliant vehicles.
  • Strategic Partnerships: The collaboration with Pininfarina could open doors for future partnerships and joint ventures, leveraging each other’s strengths for mutual benefit.
  • Sustainability Goals: By expanding its electric offerings, Vmoto advances its sustainability agenda, reducing its environmental footprint and contributing to global efforts against climate change.
  • Competitive Edge: With a unique product like the APD Concept, Vmoto can differentiate itself from competitors, offering something that is not just another electric scooter but a statement piece with performance and design at its core.

Urban Electric Vehicles (UEVs)

Pros of the APD Concept by Vmoto:

  • Aerodynamic Design: The APD Concept’s emphasis on aerodynamics, termed “The Power of the Air,” can potentially offer increased efficiency and range, which is crucial for electric vehicles.
  • Innovative Technology: With Vmoto’s expertise in electric scooter technology, the APD Concept is expected to incorporate cutting-edge features that enhance performance and user experience.
  • Italian Design Aesthetic: The partnership with Pininfarina guarantees a scooter that not only performs well but also has the sleek and stylish appearance synonymous with Italian design.
  • Market Expansion: The introduction of an electric maxi scooter by Vmoto fills a gap in the market, providing more options for consumers interested in larger, more powerful electric scooters.
  • Practicality: Maxi scooters are known for their combination of power and storage space, making the APD Concept an attractive option for riders who require both for daily use.

Cons of the APD Concept by Vmoto:

  • Market Uncertainty: The electric maxi scooter market is not as established as that for smaller scooters, which could mean a slower uptake for Vmoto’s new model.
  • Pricing Concerns: High-end design and technology often come with a premium price tag, which might put the APD Concept out of reach for budget-conscious consumers.
  • Range Anxiety: Despite advancements, electric scooters still face limitations in range compared to their gasoline counterparts, which could be a deterrent for long-distance commuters.
  • Infrastructure Dependency: The success of electric scooters like the APD Concept is partially dependent on the availability of charging infrastructure, which is still lacking in some areas.
  • Production and Delivery Timelines: As the APD Concept is still in the preview stage, there may be uncertainties regarding the production timeline and availability, which can affect market momentum.


The unveiling of the APD Concept at EICMA 2023 by Vmoto, in partnership with Pininfarina, stands as a testament to the dynamic evolution of electric mobility. It is a harbinger of the exciting advancements on the horizon for electric maxi scooters. As Vmoto prepares to transition the APD Concept into a production reality, the electric scooter market is poised on the cusp of a new era, eagerly anticipating a vehicle that promises to be as functional and efficient as it is aesthetically compelling. The countdown begins to the day when this fusion of technology and style hits the streets, changing the way we think about electric scooters and the future of urban mobility.


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