TAILG Unveils Revolutionary New TLG Brand at EICMA 2023-1.


In a world increasingly leaning towards sustainable and intelligent urban mobility, the Company has taken a pivotal step forward in defining the future of electric transportation. At the esteemed EICMA exhibition in Italy, renowned for spotlighting the latest innovations in the motorcycle industry, TAILG unveiled its new brand, TLG, amidst global fanfare. This launch is not just a testament to TAILG’s over 20 years of research and development prowess but also a clear indicator of the company’s commitment to revolutionising urban commuting.

TLG, born from TAILG’s rich heritage of electric vehicle innovation, is poised to meet the burgeoning demands of city dwellers for efficient, eco-friendly travel solutions. With its eyes set on the European market, TAILG simultaneously marked a milestone by signing a strategic agreement to open its first European flagship store in Switzerland, thereby cementing its presence in the heart of Europe.

TLG Brand

TAILG’s presentation at EICMA, the prominent motorcycle show in Italy, indicates a significant strategic move for the company as it introduces its new TLG brand and makes a concerted push into the European market, a region that is witnessing substantial growth in the electric two-wheeler sector.


Top key points of TAILG launching its new brand TLG at EICMA 2023:

  • TAILG, a global leader in electric two-wheeler transportation and mobility solutions, unveiled its new brand TLG at EICMA 2023.
  • The TLG brand was created to meet the demands of urban commuting with electric bikes and scooters.
  • TLG unveiled several new products at EICMA 2023, including the GTS, CTS, and TL6 electric bikes and scooters, as well as the S1, S2, and ETS electric bikes and scooters, and the TY3 and TY3 PRO off-road racing models.
  • TAILG is strategically positioning itself in the mid-to-high-end markets in Europe and is committed to providing customized products based on local regional characteristics, user habits, and market segments.
  • TAILG signed a strategic cooperation agreement to open its first European flagship store in Switzerland.

EICMA 2023

Key Takeaways from the Event:

  • Brand Unveiling and Philosophy: TLG is introduced as a brand that inherits TAILG’s two decades of research and development in electric vehicles. The brand’s philosophy, “Try · Love · Go,” suggests a focus on an urban lifestyle that is not just about transport but about an intelligent and personalized commuting experience.
  • Product Launch: The new TLG lineup, including models like the GTS, CTS, and TL6, is tailored for urban commuting and seems designed to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers looking for smart mobility solutions.
  • Strategic Store Opening: TAILG’s commitment to the European market is underscored by the signing of a deal for its first European flagship store in Switzerland. This store is a considerable investment in making its products readily available to the European consumer base.
  • Dedication to Eco-Friendly Solutions: TAILG’s ongoing collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and its emphasis on low-carbon, eco-friendly products underline its commitment to sustainable mobility solutions.
  • Market Positioning: With the European electric bike and scooter markets growing, TAILG’s strategic positioning in the mid-to-high-end segments indicates its focus on quality and customization, likely in response to Europe’s diverse market needs and consumer habits.
  • Broad Product Range: Beyond the TLG brand, TAILG also showcased new offerings, including city models like the S1 and S2, and off-road racing models such as the TY3 and TY3 PRO, illustrating the company’s broad market appeal and its intention to cater to various customer preferences.

Electric Scooters and Electric Bikes

When evaluating the strategic move by TAILG to introduce its new TLG brand and open a flagship store in Europe, specifically in Switzerland, there are several pros and cons to consider:


  • Market Expansion: Entering the European market allows TAILG to tap into a growing base of eco-conscious consumers, especially in countries that are rapidly adopting electric vehicles.
  • Brand Awareness: Launching at a prominent event like EICMA increases brand visibility and credibility among enthusiasts and industry insiders.
  • Sustainability Commitment: Aligning with global sustainability efforts, particularly through electric mobility, enhances brand reputation and meets consumer demand for green products.
  • Innovation Showcase: Introducing new products, such as the GTS, CTS, and TL6, at a significant industry event helps to position TAILG as an innovator in the electric two-wheeler space.
  • Local Presence: The flagship store in Switzerland provides a tangible brand experience and customer service that can foster customer loyalty and provide direct feedback from users.


  • Market Competition: Europe has a competitive market with established brands in the electric two-wheeler sector, which could pose a challenge for a new entrant like TLG.
  • Cultural and Regulatory Hurdles: Adapting to different European regulations and consumer preferences can require significant resources and adjustments to business models.
  • High Expectations: With the high standards of quality and design expected by European consumers, TLG will need to ensure their products meet these expectations to gain a foothold.
  • Economic Risks: Economic fluctuations, including currency risks and potential trade barriers, could impact the profitability and sustainability of TAILG’s expansion into Europe.
  • Supply Chain Complexity: Establishing a new supply chain in Europe can be complex, especially considering the logistics of manufacturing and distributing electric vehicles.

Urban Mobility

While the move by TAILG to launch TLG in Europe presents significant opportunities for growth and brand development, it also comes with its share of challenges that the company will need to navigate carefully. Success will likely depend on TAILG’s ability to differentiate its products, adapt to local markets, and execute a well-thought-out internationalization strategy.

The introduction of the TLG brand and the opening of a flagship store, together with the showcasing of a wide product range, are clear indicators that TAILG is aiming to establish a strong foothold in the European market. This strategic move could potentially resonate well with European consumers who are increasingly inclined towards sustainable, smart, and personalized mobility solutions.


TAILG’s strategic reveal of TLG at EICMA 2023 and the establishment of its flagship store in Switzerland mark a new chapter in the landscape of urban mobility. This bold move underscores the company’s foresight in embracing the shift towards electric solutions and addressing the unique demands of the European market.

By blending sophisticated technology with user-centric design, TAILG’s TLG brand is not merely launching products but is fostering a new culture of urban travel that prioritizes sustainability, intelligence, and personalized experience. As TAILG continues to expand its global footprint, the commitment to providing consumers with a diverse range of high-quality, low-carbon mobility options shines through. The future of urban commuting, as envisioned by TAILG, is here — a future that invites consumers to not only try and love but to go forth with confidence in a smarter, greener world.


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