Origin: VMoto, a renowned electric two-wheeler brand with roots in China and Australia, is venturing into the off-road segment. Known for its Super Soco brand that primarily focuses on urban electric scooters, VMoto is expanding its horizon with these two new models.


  • On-R: This model, as the name suggests, is designed primarily for road use but thanks to its platform, it can manage light off-road trails and gravel roads.
  • Off-R: Designed for the enthusiasts of off-road biking, this model is built to endure rough terrains and challenging paths.

Common Features:

  • Both models are based on an electric dirtbike platform.
  • They feature long-travel suspension, wire-spoke wheels, and a slender body design.

Key Specifications:

  1. Speed:

    • L1 Version: Maximum speed of 28 mph (45 kph).
    • L3 Version:
      • On-R: 56 mph (96 kph)
      • Off-R: 69 mph (110 kph)
  2. Design Differentiators:

    • On-R: 30-degree head angle suitable for roads.
    • Off-R: 18-degree head angle, optimized for off-road use, complemented by knobby tires.
  3. Performance:

    • Mid-drive electric motor.
    • Nominal Output: 5.3 hp (4 kW)
    • Peak Output: 11 hp (8 kW)
  4. Battery:

    • Options: 2.3 kWh and 3.45 kWh
    • Charging Times: 2.5 hours (for the smaller battery) and 3.5 hours (for the larger battery).
    • Range:
      • 2.3 kWh battery: 42 miles (68 km)
      • 3.45 kWh battery: 65 miles (104 km)

Price & Availability:

  • The models have been introduced in Italy at a price point of 6,990 Euros (~$7,511 USD).
  • Pricing might differ based on the region.
  • Interested buyers should connect with local VMoto dealers or refer to the brand’s official website.


  • Quiet operation, which is ideal for riding in noise-sensitive areas.
  • No emissions, which is better for the environment.
  • Low maintenance costs, as there is no need for oil changes or tune-ups.
  • Instant torque delivery, which makes them very responsive.
  • Long battery life, with a range of up to 65 miles (104 kilometres) on a single charge.
  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.


  • High initial cost.
  • Limited top speed, especially in the L1 version.
  • Not as powerful as gas-powered dirtbikes.
  • The battery can take a long time to charge, especially if it is depleted.
  • Not suitable for all-terrain, such as deep mud or water.

Final Thoughts: Electrification is significantly transforming the world of off-road biking. Noise concerns have led to a surge in demand for electric dirtbikes and brands like VMoto are answering the call. With performance metrics that cater to both urban and off-road enthusiasts, VMoto’s latest offerings are set to electrify trails and streets alike.

Moto.It, VMoto Soco

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