A Tesla electric motorcycle concept – What do you think?

 A Tesla electric motorcycle concept – What do you think?

The concept by Thorpe in collaboration with Carlos Colorsponge, called “Sokudo”. Is pretty much the opposite of every motorcycle design tradition. 

The body encloses the engine, whereas traditionally, engines are exposed. 

The handlebars are flush with the frame, which is again, not common practiceThe cladding has been added to protect the engine drive shaft, exposing it to gnawing rodents or insects. 

The body is also strangely shaped, shortening the distance between rider and ground level.


I admire artists who can design concepts for vehicles because the effort it takes to create these works is not nearly as easy as it seems. 

In this case, it looks like Mr Thorpe and Mr Colorsponge took a page from Tesla’s playbook and jumped on the carbon fibre wagon. 

I don’t know what I’m talking about, but that’s what it looks like to me. But then it looks good.


Could a Tesla motorcycle be a reality? The impressive concept bike considering it may use a sophisticated engine, which uses an electric motor. 

Other essential aspects of the concept bike include its sleek chassis constructed from carbon fibre and can handle top speeds of around 140 miles per hour. 


As well as the ability to digitally stream tire pressure data and other driving statistics as you ride. 

The future of motorcycles as we know it also seems possible with this two-wheeled power plant. 

But given that this is just a concept model, for now, it could be several years before anything else is heard about this electric ride.

Whether Tesla Motors would enter the two-wheeled world is a question that can be debated at length. 

The more likely approach would be a hybrid of the components on this electric motorcycle and a more conventional internal combustion engine. 

That being said, did any of you just get a Harley vibe from looking at that triangular chassis?

via Ash Thorp

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