The partnership

It all started in October 2019 when two renowned brands announced their collaboration.

The iconic Aston Martin wings will appear on a motorcycle for the first time when the initial product of an exciting new collaboration between Aston Martin Lagonda. And Brough Superior revealed at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan, Italy.

Brough Superior, the eponymous performance motorcycle brand created by George Brough in 1919 and resurrected by enthusiasts long after his death. Is, like Aston Martin, a luxury brand with great heritage. 


Both Brough Superior and Aston Martin place massive importance on developing a brand. What customers are proud to be part of and products that strike the perfect balance between performance and design.


Master of Craftsmanship

Both masters of craftsmanship use the finest materials for breathing life into their designs. As independent companies, also revel in their ability to offer a bespoke design and engineering solutions. So a collaboration between the two brands is virtually guaranteed to produce something extraordinary.

In June 2020, Dynamic testing of the prototype was carried out in Pau-Arnos in France and focused on the multiple crucial parameters. Being how it behaves on the track.

In April 2021, when we had a chat with Albert Castaigne, Executive Director, Brough Superior. He showed us the AMB001 during the interview.

Fast forward to 2022, Aston Martin has started to deliver these motorcycles. They were supposed to provide the AMB001 in late 2020. However, it did not happen. Let us look at the details.


  • AMB001 is limited to only 100 copies.
  • The bike will come with a V Twin Turbocharged engine.
  • Weight is around 185 kg (dry weight during the bike calibrates to 183 hp
  • The price tag is about $108,000.
  • The AMB001 arrive in nine standard liveries.
  • Intense Blue Main Body
  • Gloss Carbon Belly Pan
  • Intense Blue Lower “V” and Front Spoiler Underside
  • Raw Machined Spine
  • Satin Black Forks and Swingarm
  • Black Air Filter and Turbo Cover
  • Black Coated Exhaust
  • Polished Touchpoint Details
  • Satin Black Wheels
  • Satin Black Engine with Raw Machined Components
  • Black Saddle Leather Seat with Alcantra Pads
  • Black Alcantra Grips


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