Undeterred by restrictive EU regulations and an apparent “practicality breakpoint” way below its projected look.  As per Russian custom master Balamutti, the traditionally conservative motorcycle industry is neglecting the power of imagination.  

And in response to this creative vacuum. His workshop has been filling it on its own by building completely off-the-wall concept bikes that defy convention.

Balamutti Workshop 

When the St. Petersburg Balamutti Workshop decides to create a customized. One-off motorcycle, it isn’t planning on sticking to the status quo even for a second.  


At the same time, the Russian workshop is highly respected and well known for producing some of the most exciting. And wildly engineered bikes in the world of national and international custom moto scenes. 

Recent years have also seen Balamutti continually reinvent itself with new materials. And top-shelf engineering components and continuously pushing the superlatives of what is expected out of production machines.


Ducati 900SS ” Chimera.”

Balamutti Workshop’s latest creation, the “Boxer” Ducati 900SS. Ss a hub-centre-steered motorcycle meticulously sprinted together over nearly four years.

It’s not every day that you see a Ducati 900SS streetfighter. But then, it’s not every day that you see one like this. 

Scratch-builds rarely come together as cleanly or charismatically as the unique ‘Chimera’ doppelganger we have in the photos here and on one Balamutti Workshop showcases. But it does help that his design and work are absolutely on point. The results speak for themselves, and I think you’ll agree these are damn good looking.

Fascinating custom

This fascinating custom motorcycle started with a reasonably basic Ducati 900SS and turned into something unique. Using a bit of creativity, Balamutti could rework the bike’s front end and heel-and-toe the rear wheel to accommodate an uncommon 48-spoke rim.

The renowned perfectionist, Balamutti Workshop. Has been hard at work for years designing and testing the finest components for world-class sports Italian motorcycles on the market today.

You have to admit that this is a question you didn’t expect to see. The name Balamutti doesn’t usually pop up simultaneously as Ducati or hub-centre steering. 



Hub Center

Ducati and hub-centre steering do not belong together, and most probably. The use of both in one sentence is a first and something of an oddity. But it is not my intention to talk about motorcycles in general and their technical details but to introduce you to a Russian workshop, Balamutti.

It gets a trellis frame comprising a custom hub-centre-steered front-end with a horizontal shock linkage.

The custom is a rarity among the naked, sporting an air-cooled Ducati 846cc engine almost entirely unmodified from stock. However, the motor is repainted by an ADIGE slipper clutch. And a rainbow-burnt titanium-nitride coating custom-made hand-welded dual stainless steel exhaust.


As you can see, the project is an extensive scratch-build of a Ducati 900SS motorcycle. The creation began with the round LED headlight and steering setup. Making it a very streamlined machine. From there, they installed a custom-upholstered seat on the bike.

We also see brakes from Brembos. An excellent taillight setup that involves a LED integrated within a custom metal housing, anodized levers and grips.

Fair to say Balamutti Workshop’s stable is growing with good reason. Following their S4R Moto (the Russian shop’s supercharged interpretation of racer). And a 900SS Moto with a hub-centre-steered front end, we are eager to see more from the Russian workshop.

via Balamutti
Photos by Alexey Satirskiy

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