Moto Fashion: Christian Dior + Dainese D-Air

 Moto Fashion: Christian Dior + Dainese D-Air

The latest collaboration between fashion house Christian Dior and protection gear specialists Dainese is surprising. And very welcome, one. In contrast, the partnership may at first appear an odd pairing. It is not a case of two disparate entities merely slapping their logos on something and calling it a collection.

High fashion brands are always ahead of the curve. High fashion firms spare no expense when rolling out a new collection. From Avant-Garde designs to cutting-edge materials. Luxury brands know that being trendy and feeling current is just as important as functionality in riding gear. 

Dior and Dainese

For this reason, Italian motorcycle apparel giant Dainese has joined forces with luxury brand Dior. To develop a new line of high fashion wear that borrows its technical features. Who says you can’t be fashionable and protected?

Dior has earned a reputation for producing beautiful and prestigious clothing. The ladies of Dior have been recognised for their classic style and the quality of the materials used in the garments. The designers at Dior have taken that commitment to quality and transformed it into a new collection using Dainese D-Air technology.

The Paris fashion show was a significant moment for the global debut of D-Air technology as high fashion. The garments designed continued to incorporate the D-Air panels. And shoulder armour in subsequent appearances.


These designs set a precedent for how Dainese D-Air can be used. And further, leverage its always-on technology for women’s streetwear across all markets.

The collection’s beauty was the Dainese D-Air Demo. Chiuri and the team adapted the standard gauntlet glove into full-forearm princess gloves. Treating the airbag as a sheer accessory for specific looks.

Airbags also appeared at the hems of some skirts. With one ensemble consisting entirely of white D-Air gear. At the same time. One of the models wearing a Roger Vivier shows with Dainese’s Axial D1 Air Boot support system.

The connection between motorcycles and fashion has been undeniable in recent years. Kawasaki collaborated with Adidas to create a Ninja sneaker, and DAB Motors partnered with Burberry to bring an electric bike.

And in future, we are sure we will see more from these fashion houses and motorcycle brands

via Forbes and Young Machine

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