Audi R8

Audi R8

This development is indeed exciting for automotive enthusiasts, especially for fans of the Audi R8. The idea of a road-legal R8 GT3 is tantalizing because it brings the rawness and immediacy of the racing world directly to public roads, something that’s often lost in many modern supercars.

Given Scherer Sport’s history with Audi Sport, it’s plausible that they have the expertise and resources to convert a GT3 race car into a road-legal machine while maintaining much of the race car’s essence.

  • Scherer Sport is building a road-legal Audi R8 GT3.
  • Only 100 units will be built.
  • The car has a number of features that distinguish it from the conventional road-going model, including a large GT3 wing, vents over the front wheels, winglets at the fascia, a big scoop on the roof, center lock wheels, and a different roof.
  • The interior of the car is not clearly visible in the spy photos, but it appears to have a standard dash and a rollbar.
  • The car was caught testing at the Nürburgring in Germany.
  • It is not yet known when or if the car will be officially unveiled, but it could be an epic epilogue for the Audi R8.

Here’s what this project suggests and what might be expected from such a vehicle:



  • Performance and Design: The vehicle in the spy photos shares many design elements with the R8 GT3 race car, indicating a focus on aerodynamic performance. Features like the large rear wing, roof scoop, and additional vents are all about enhancing downforce and cooling, essential for race car performance. On public roads, these features will contribute to exceptional handling and stability at high speeds.
  • Exclusivity and Audience: With rumours of just 100 units being produced, this road-legal R8 GT3 will likely be a highly exclusive machine aimed at enthusiasts and collectors who appreciate the vehicle’s racing pedigree and are looking for a more visceral driving experience. The limited production run will add to the car’s desirability


  • Powertrain: While there’s no specific information about any modifications to the R8’s powertrain, it’s reasonable to assume that the road-legal GT3 version will, at the very least, feature the race car’s performance-oriented tuning. This could potentially include enhancements to the engine, exhaust, transmission, and suspension, all fine-tuned to work in a street-legal package.
  • Interior and Safety Features: The interior is expected to be spartan compared to the standard R8, given the visible roll bar and the likely absence of typical luxuries. However, to meet road-legal requirements, the car will need to incorporate certain safety features and some basic comforts. This balancing act between the race car and road cars can lead to a unique cabin experience, blending race-inspired elements with necessary road-going functionalities.


  • Homologation and Regulations: If this project is indeed for homologation purposes, it suggests that there could be plans for this vehicle’s involvement in racing series that require road-legal versions. Homologation rules vary greatly, but they often lead to the creation of some of the most exciting and collectable performance cars.

In conclusion, if a road-legal Audi R8 GT3 is in the works, it represents a thrilling development for car enthusiasts, potentially offering an unfiltered, race-derived driving experience. It would serve not only as a swan song for the iconic Audi R8 series but also as a testament to the continuing appeal of race-inspired performance vehicles in an automotive market that’s increasingly focused on electric and autonomous vehicles.

If Scherer Sport is indeed crafting a road-legal Audi R8 GT3, it promises a thrilling experience for car lovers, directly delivering a race-derived driving sensation. This vehicle would not only honor the legacy of the iconic Audi R8 series but also showcase the enduring allure of race-inspired cars in an industry increasingly leaning towards electric and autonomous models.


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