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Infiniti’s Electric Vehicle Vision Qe concept

Infiniti is making a bold move with its first electric vehicle (EV), choosing to ignite passion among its customers rather than simply following the profitable trend of electric SUVs. In my conversation with Bob Welby, the Senior Director of Operations at Infiniti, it became clear that the company is banking on its heritage of performance and the emotional connection it has fostered with enthusiasts over the years.

Top key points

  • Infiniti’s first EV will be a performance sedan inspired by the Vision Qe concept.
  • The company hopes to tap into the enthusiasm customers have for its previous sedans, such as the G35 and G37.
  • The Qe is likely to offer even more performance than the current Red Sport range.
  • Infiniti’s signature design elements will play a significant role in the Qe.
  • The company is also developing an all-electric SUV prototype called the Vision QXe.
  • Infiniti’s electric vehicle strategy is ambitious and exciting, and it has the potential to be very successful.

Infiniti performance sedan

Welby highlighted an important insight: the sedan segment remains significant in the US market. Infiniti isn’t ignoring the numbers; instead, they’re listening to the heartbeat of a community that has rallied around their four-door performance cars in the past. This community continuously expresses a desire for the exhilarating performance that models like the G35 and G37 sedans deliver. These cars didn’t just sell; they became a part of car culture, earning respect in both professional reviews and the grassroots tuner scene.

Vision Qe concept

Infiniti’s current lineup features the Q50, a testament to the company’s dedication to performance with its 400 horsepower Red Sport model. But the real excitement lies in what’s coming next. While Infiniti has kept the specs for the upcoming production Qe close to its chest, the shift to an electric drivetrain opens up thrilling possibilities. Modern EV technology has propelled sedans to new performance heights, suggesting that Infiniti’s EV debut could surpass the thrills of its current high-performance offerings.


The design stands as a pillar in Infiniti’s approach, with the company planning to infuse its first EV with signature aesthetics and a driving experience that harks back to the brand’s most exciting days. Welby acknowledges this, emphasizing that the forthcoming models will continue to celebrate the ‘joy of driving,’ something deeply embedded in Infiniti’s DNA.


But let’s not forget: Infiniti isn’t neglecting the electric SUV market. The announcement of the Vision QXe concept signals their intention to enter this segment. Welby confirms this strategy, acknowledging SUVs as an integral part of Infiniti’s identity and future direction.

In summary, Infiniti’s strategy isn’t just about joining the EV race; it’s about entering on its own terms, honouring its history, and reigniting passion among customers. By doing so, they’re not just selling cars; they’re continuing a legacy and responding to a community that yearns for the thrilling drive that has always been a part of Infiniti’s story.

Infiniti is charting a path that respects its heritage and responds to its passionate fan base. Instead of conforming to the prevalent trend of electric SUVs, the brand is harnessing its strengths by reviving the spirited legacy of its performance sedans in an electrified avatar. This approach is not just a sales strategy; it’s a nuanced move to preserve the brand’s identity, rekindle customer passion, and stand distinct in the burgeoning EV market. By prioritizing the ‘joy of driving’ and integrating historical design elements into their new releases, Infiniti isn’t merely participating in the electric transition; they are crafting a narrative, hoping to turn each drive into an experience and each model into a milestone. The simultaneous nod to the electric SUV market with the Vision QXe concept also indicates a balanced strategy, ensuring they remain relevant in key segments while staying true to what sets them apart. This duality might just redefine success for Infiniti in the era of electric mobility.


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