The future battlefield will be full of radical machines, something we couldn’t imagine a decade ago. The dream of excellent machines will be tantalizingly close to reality thanks to engineers and scientists constantly trying to build an unmanned robotic system for the military.


Although I am an auto fanatic and won’t agree that autopilot or self-driving bikes will someday dominate the world – we all know that AI is progressing rapidly.


And in future combat, some of you might be thinking about mechanical terminators from the movies. Still, I think the real future war will be fought between robotic machines with insane capabilities.

First, we should clarify that the future of warfare will not need humans. Humans would be the most significant liability in robotic action (read autonomous stealth fighter-inspired bike).

Hence, there’s no way we should predict something closer to life than death for these humans. I’m painting this bleak picture to help illustrate what an actual motorbike of the future might look like.

Motorcycle Drone

The new concept design Motorcycle Drone is the latest conceptualization project that can merge scouts for hidden threats when necessity or speed calls for such responsibility. The motorcycle drone uses a reinforced armoured shell kept for defence and support.

A motorbike that enters the hostile enemy areas shoots up their strongholds and then escapes back to base sounds like an idea for a movie.

But this motorcycle drone of the world may do everything you expected from a stealthy and intelligent superhero that would be ‘capable of controlling its altitude and speed. This Motorcycle will have autonomous and AI-enabled capabilities.

The term ‘stealth bike’ is often used to describe a motorcycle built for speed and agility at the cost of wind drag and aerodynamic design.

However, this all-black bike has taken that concept, stealthy aesthetics, and intelligence and added a heavy dose of technological advancements – some not even taught in science class yet!


Designer: Fang E

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