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Avon Tyres

It seems like the upcoming EICMA motorcycle show is setting the stage for significant announcements and showcases in the world of motorcycles, with Avon Tyres being a part of this exciting narrative. The collaboration and appearance of Avon alongside Dunlop under the Goodyear umbrella signify a new chapter for these storied brands, especially after the significant corporate transitions.

  • Avon Tyres is a part of the Goodyear family of brands and will be laying out its plans for the future at EICMA 2023.
  • Avon will be presenting in Milan alongside Dunlop, its brother brand.
  • The exhibit will be located at Hall 24 at stand Q68 at the show.
  • EICMA will take place from November 7 to 12, 2023 in Fiera Milano.
  • Avon has a range of tires that cover many disciplines, from hyper sport tires to its popular Cobra Chrome cruiser tires.

EICMA 2023

Other News Bites

  • Avon Tires is closing its last UK factory in Melksham.
  • Avon has released new 3D Supersport tires.

Goodyear and Dunlop

Here’s what this development could mean for consumers and the industry:

  • Expanded Product Line and Innovation: With Avon now being part of the Goodyear family, consumers can likely expect an expanded range of products resulting from shared technology and research between the brands. There may be advancements in tire technology, particularly in areas such as durability, road grip, and performance under various conditions, given the combined expertise and heritage of Avon, Dunlop, and Goodyear.
  • Unified Marketing and Distribution Strategies: Avon’s collaboration with Dunlop could streamline the marketing approach and distribution logistics within the Goodyear family. This strategy might result in better market reach and availability, making it easier for consumers worldwide to access their range of products.

Motorcycle Tires

  • Enhanced Brand Value: The association with a renowned entity like Goodyear enhances Avon’s brand value. Riding on the coattails of Goodyear’s global presence, Avon could see increased recognition and trust among consumers, potentially driving sales.
  • Commitment to Various Motorcycling Disciplines: Avon’s diverse range of tires, covering everything from hyper sport to cruising, indicates a broad understanding of and commitment to various motorcycling needs and disciplines. This focus is crucial for building a rapport with different segments of riders and enthusiasts, from those seeking performance in competitive environments to those preferring leisure riding.

Quality and Innovation

  • Potential for New Partnerships: The presence of Avon and Dunlop at a significant event like EICMA, alongside their engagement with riders, dealers, and partners, suggests potential new partnerships and endorsements within the motorcycle racing and manufacturing sectors. Collaborations could range from supplying tires for new motorcycle models to exclusive partnerships in professional racing circuits.

The motorcycle industry is fast-evolving with technology and consumer preferences dictating the pace of change. Events like EICMA are pivotal for companies like Avon to showcase not just their products, but their adaptability and vision for the future in this dynamic landscape.

The partnership and co-presentation with Dunlop under the wider Goodyear banner symbolize not just a merging of product lines, but also a unified front in innovation and market approach. Enthusiasts and industry professionals alike will undoubtedly be watching closely to see what this alliance will herald for the future of motorcycle tire technology and the broader industry trends.


The impending showcase by Avon Tyres at EICMA, in conjunction with Dunlop, marks a significant juncture in the motorcycle industry. This collaboration underscores a promising future filled with potential advancements in technology, product offerings, and consumer engagement. As these legacy brands unite under the Goodyear umbrella, they set a new precedent for industry partnerships, hinting at a future where shared expertise and resources lead to heightened innovation, broader market strategies, and strengthened brand presence globally.

Moreover, this union reiterates the importance of adaptability and forward-thinking in today’s rapidly evolving market landscape, where consumer needs, technological advancements, and environmental considerations continue to reshape industry norms. The combined showcase at EICMA not only represents a strategic alliance but also embodies the resilience and ongoing evolution of these historic brands in the face of modern industry challenges.

Ultimately, the joint participation of Avon and Dunlop at one of the world’s most prestigious motorcycle shows is more than a display of product ranges; it’s a testament to the vibrancy and enduring passion within the motorcycle community. It reaffirms the brands’ commitment to excellence, safety, and the continued pursuit of riding pleasure for enthusiasts worldwide. Thus, stakeholders, consumers, and aficionados will be eyeing EICMA with anticipation, ready to witness the next chapter in motorcycle innovation and craftsmanship.

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